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SOON: Starflyer 59 - Gold

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Very exciting. It's looking as if Gold will be a 45rpm 2x12", 500 on black, 500 on gold vinyl according to a poster on the SF59 FB group. That seems like an awfully low number so I hope I'm not traveling while it drops. I'm also curious to hear how the remaster will sound. The original pressing isn't great and the album has a pretty unusual sound to begin with, with it's buried drums and sections of blown-out distortion. More than anything I hope interest in this band's catalog keeps growing. I think they  were ahead of their time and should have been much bigger than they were.

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7 hours ago, drds89 said:

Got mine 8 days after ordering (!), no  seam splits or vinyl quality issues - sounds great. There was some glitter-like stuff on both albums, about a dozen flecks, easily removed with antistatic brush before cleaning.

Glad to hear that. My black copy sounds great, except the last track on the B side in unplayable and skips in multiple spots... there’s debris of some kind embedded in the grooves. My gold copy is noisier but at least it plays through. I will say that this album in particular is still enjoyable with a little extra vinyl noise, it fits right in with the overall aesthetic. I also like listening to it divided into four sides, it somehow gives the tracks a little breathing room. 

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