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PO Now: Whirr - Feels Like You (out on oct 31)

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I don’t want to get too off topic but I’ll just say this: if I got rid of any records from bands that are jerks, I’d have a very small record collection. 

If you didn’t get an order in on time then you are probably a pussy and they wouldn’t want you to hear it anyways.

Finally it drops. You're welcome guys

Ugh don't like seeing 2 bad pressing reviews already. Mine shipped out on the 7th but got lost in purgatory for a few days, should be arriving by the end of the week though. I was gutted when I missed out on the first pressings, so I've been really looking forward to it. Any comment on Distressor? I already have the final Graveface pressing and I'm happy with it, so I am hesitant whether I want to double up although it would be cool to have the original cover. 

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Mine came in perfect condition. Records are slightly off center but it’s not noticeable past the first minute or so. Distressor sounds way better than my old pressing. FLY does have some pops here and there but it’s really not terrible, I’ll clean it and see if that helps.

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My copy has a bunch of weird crud pressed into it. Little yellow flakes and other debri that form these little pimples/bumps on the vinyl. And it has two nasty edge warps. It plays, but it's a shit pressing. Wondering what plant,it came out of. 


Also, yeah no padding or cardboard inserts in the mailer. Just the record. I lucked out with only minor creases, but there wasn't a lot of care put into packing these up.

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My sleeve was fine on Feels Like You, but the LP has a bubble or some yellow looking mark on one side and a small scratch on the other, not sure if it is going to affect play yet. I got it drying now since it sounded like it was a noisy pressing I went ahead and gave it a wet clean first. Been looking forward to owning a copy for awhile now

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Got mine yesterday, jackets were in great shape.  Distressor vinyl had some white specs all over it and feels like you had a speck of that black gunk described earlier in the first track.  

both def need a good cleaning, but I like how “feels..” isn’t solid white it’s like a translucent white with smoke.

 I played it a few songs in and the pressing sounds fine to me.  It’s super thin so that’s why there’s a little edge warp but I thought it played fine.  I didn’t hear too many pops.  

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