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PO Soon?: Loma Prieta - Last (6/30/2023)


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Just now, prowl20 said:

I think it might be their finest yet. And that’s coming from someone who ranks their super early stuff as their best. 

It’s really dope.  The super melodic moments are so good that I don’t even feel surprised by their contrast to the heavier and noisier bits.  Album feels like it covers a really nice variety of sounds and styles for clocking in at only half an hour and change.

At least with Apple Music, I’ve been noticing that singles seem to play at a different quality / volume?  Definitely going to track down a quality rip for future listens while I wait for the vinyl to show up.  But already eager to go back for round 2 with it tomorrow.

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As someone who has absolutely loved everything Loma Prieta has put out before this album, I'm... not really into this. The heavy upbeat melodic nature of some of the songs (especially Dose, Symbios, the fast parts of Dreamlessnessless...) kind of ruins the mood of the whole thing, for me. Some particularly fast & upbeat parts remind me of something like Jeff Rosenstock, which is an unfortunate comparison considering that reeeeally is not the tone I would be looking for out of something like this.

It feels like tonal whiplash from all their albums (this is absolutely not the evolution I had hoped for after Self Portrait), I don't really know. Oh well. I don't particularly feel like it's going to grow on me, either, which is disappointing.

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