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PO: Glass Beach - The First Glass Beach Album


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This album's got a decent amount of buzz and while it's not quite my bag, I wanted to make sure people saw it since it's been out on CD/digital for awhile, but they just signed to RFC.  /100 version sold out super fast today, but the /400 is still there.



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You’re disappointed because you can’t hear the vocals?  Am I interpreting that right?  Asking because the vocals are 100% the reason I can’t stomach this band.  Actually enjoy some of the mathy songwriting and curveballs, but not enough to get over those vox.  Maybe this new one is worth sampling…

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I like the album after 3 spins but it's still a disappointment (I have the subscription variant too :/)


8 hours ago, Derek™ said:

(The new one was not worth sampling.)

I misread your post, and hope you actually meant that the vocals are way too high in the mix.  From cautiously curious to absolute nope in about 30 seconds.

Man the vocals are basically peering up from the bottom of the ocean they're so murky. It's super noticeable if you're used to the first album. 

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On 1/31/2024 at 10:04 PM, dawhizz said:

Really digging their new album. If someone bought the glow in the dark from RFC and is having buyer’s remorse, hit me up. 

Still interested in a glow in the dark (or, I guess, RFC Magic Circle) copy of this if someone is disappointed with it, as I am not. 

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