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Hey gang! 

So let's just get to it. I recently learned of a friend who had her collection destroyed by an abusive ex, and I felt compelled to help. Being a part of this community has been great even with all the bickering, we are here for one thing, and I would like to help bring that passion back to a friend.


I've already sent a mystery package that was met with happy tears, and would like you guys to dig through your collections and help me with this endeavor. ITS HOLIDAY TIME FOR FUCKS SAKE. 


So. This is what I know. 


She's into Converge/Knocked Loose/NFG/ALK3/80's goth/2000's pop punk/Type O/bouncing souls/etc...



So after speaking with Juan,  I was given permission to post this. 



I'm not looking for rare variants. If you have a double you can let go of, that's more than enough. The list of bands above are just guidelines. 


Thanks everyone. Let's do this and have some fun. 

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I keep an entire crate separate for stuff I'd potentially sell on VC or Discogs – none of it is overly rare; mostly common pressings of stuff I've since upgraded variants on.  I'll have to rifle through it and see if there's anything that fits into that scope of music.  Makes a lot more sense than pocketing $4.00 a piece after shipping and Discogs fees.

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