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This isn't a desperation sale, make offers! I'm easy to work with. I  don't purchase albums too much anymore and rarely have the opportunity to enjoy listening to them either unfortunately, hopefully they'll go to a good home! Have at em kids! Feel free to check my sales on my profile, I'm 100% trustworthy! Will be throwing in free records with all purchases!  I can send pics if needed but most stuff is on my instagram; tjm182


Any purchases less than $20 please add $3  for shipping. 



Norma Jean AHHH! Shark Bite! AHHH!/Chug On Three



Andrew McMahon - Synesthesia/Sister Golden Hair Pic Disc

Beach Slang – Who Would Want (Blue)

Dead Weather – Blue Blood Blues (Black)

Every Time I Die – Salem (Clear/Red)

Franz Nicolay/Frank Turner Split (Red)

Gaslight Anthem (45 Club Volume One) (Black)

H2o – Someday I Suppose (MMBT Cover) (Red/Green Split) SOLD

H2o – New York City (Mint Green)

H2o – D.C. (Red) SOLD

H2o – California (Mustard Yellow)

Hidden in Plain View – Twenty Below (Blue Flexi) Would rather package with LP SOLD

The Horrible Crowes – Ladykiller (Clear Yellow)

The Horrible Crowes – RSD 7 (Black)

Iron Chic/Low Culture Split (Fest Test Press)

Killswitch Engage/Dio – Holy Diver (45) (Red)

Less Than Jake – Pesto (Black)

Less Than Jake – American Idle (Clear/Red Splatter) 

Less Than Jake – Do the Math (White/Green)

Lavinia – Take Shelter (White and Black Splatter) (45)

Living With Lions – Some Of My Friends Appear Dead to Me (Pinkish Green)

Motion City Soundtrack – Making Moves (Purple)

Motion City Soundtrack/Trampled by Turtles Split (Clear Blue) SOLD

Millencolin - Carry You (Black)

Man Overboard/Senses Fail Split (Black/Blue/White)

MxPx – Left Coast Punk (Glow in the Dark)  SOLD

No Trigger – Be Honest (Coke Bottle w/White Splatter)

Nightmares For A Week/Nightmare Of You Split (Glow in the Dark)

New Found Glory – Radio Surgery (Grey comes with 6131 Special Packaging)

New Found Glory – Tip of the Iceberg (Red/White/Blue)

New Found Glory – Connect the Dots (Red/White Split)

New Found Glory – Don’t Let Her Pull You Down (Coke Bottle)

NoFX – Stoke Extinguisher (Green/Pink)

NoFX – My Stepdad’s A Cop (Black)

NoFX – Ronnie and Mags (Black)

NoFX – Xmas Has Been X’ed (Red/Green Split)

No Trigger – Be Honest (Coke Bottle w/White Splatter)

Puig Destroyer (Blue/White Split)

Rancid – Indestructible (Red/White) (Album on six 7’s)

Rise Against – Re-Education (White)

Rise Against – Join the Ranks (Pic Disc RSD)

Rise Against/Face to Face Split (Maroon)

Rise Against – Grammatizator (Black)

Silverstein- Addendum (Black w/White Splatter)

Touche Amore/Title Fight Split (Grey Mix)

Touche Amore/Pianos Become The Teeth Split (Dark Blue)

Touche Amore/Casket Lottery Split (Pink)

Thrice – Sea Change (Blue)

Thrice – At Guitar Center (RSD Red 1219/2000)

Torche – Harmonslaught (Purple/Black Swirl)




Andrew McMahon - Pop Underground ep

AFI – All Hallows (Orange 2nd press)

The Starting Line – With Hopes of Starting Over

(Clear w/Green, Red, White Splatter)

Ghost Busters Theme (Glow in the Dark)

Fest Music for Fest People (Gator on the Cover Black)

Less Than Jake – B Is for B-Sides (Remix) (Does not come with a cover because they were never made for it)

Gaslight Anthem – Hold You Up (Clear Red)

Fun. – The Ghost That You Are To Me (Gold/Cog Shaped)

Torche – In Return (Pink/Beer Splatter)

You Blew It – You Blue It (Weezer Covers White/Blue Split)



3rd Eye Blind – Self Titled (Yellow)

+44 – When Your Heart Stops Beating (1st press Blue/White Swirl)

Acceptance – Black Lines to Battlefields (1st press Clear w Blue/Yellow Splater)

Acceptance – Phantoms (1st press Blue/White mix)

AFI – Art of Drowning (I think it’s a 1st press on Blue, Black, White Mix)

Atreyu – Suicide Notes (1st press Clear Blue)

Atreyu – The Curse (1st press Clear)

Atreyu – Death Grip (1st press Red/Black Swirl)

Against Me! – New Wave (1st press Clear Yellow)

Against Me! – White Crosses (1st press Black)

Alkaline Trio – Broken Wing (1st press Blue)

Alkaline Trio – Is This thing Cursed (1st press Red/Black Swirl)

Armor for Sleep – What To Do (1st press Black/Green Swirl)

The Ataris – Blue Skies (Kung Fu Press Blue/White Swirl)

BigWig – Stay Asleep – (1st press Clear/Black Splatter

Blink- 182 – MTATS (1st press Blue swirl LP1/Green Swirl LP2)

Brand New – Your Favorite Weapon (2nd press Black)

Brand New – Deja (Newer Press Black)

Brand New – DAG (1st press White)

Brandtson – Send Us A Signal (1st press Clear Orange)

Bush – Sixteen Stone (Black)

Bush – Razorblade Suitcase (White)

Caravels/Gifts From Enola – Well Worn (Clear Orange)

Cartel – Chroma  (Clear Red Splatter)

Cooter – Looking Up (Clear Red)

The Early November – The Rooms Too Cold (1st press White)

The Early November – In Currents (Mint/White)

Four Year Strong - Rise or Die Trying (Clear w/Black Splatter)

Four Year Strong - Enemy of the World (1st press Orange)

Four Year Strong - In Some Way (1st press Black)

Four Year Strong - Go Down In History (1st press Half/Half Red/Grey w/ Black Splatter)

Four Year Strong - S/T (1st press Pink/Green/Red Starburst)

GlassJaw – Worship and Tribute (1st press Black)

H2o – Don’t Forget your Roots (1st press (Purple)

Harms Way – Rust (1st press Milky Clear Skull variant I think?)

Hidden In Plain View – Life In Dreaming (1st press Brownish Mix) (Flexi is for sale too) SOLD

Head Automatica – Decadence (1st press Green/Blue Split)

Incubus – Light Grenades (RSD Numbered)

Incubus – Crow Left (Black)

Incubus – Make Yourself (Black)

If These Trees Could Talk – Red Forest (Bone w/Ox Blood ltd 100)

Jay-Z - The Blueprint (1st press Black)

Less Than Jake - See The Light (1st press Blue/Yellow Half/Half)

Less Than Jake - Greetings and Salutations (1st press Yellow)

Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory (Black w/bonus 10 inch)

Linkin Park - Meteora (1st press Gold)

Linkin Park/Jay-Z- Collision Course (1st press Clear Blue)

Linkin Park - Minutes to Midnight (1st press Black)

Linkin Park - A Thousand Suns (1st press Black)

Linkin Park - Living Things (1st press White)

Living With Lions – Holy Shit (Black)

Midtown - Save the World (1st press Clear w/Yellow/Blue Splatter)  SOLD

Midtown - Living Well (1st press Red/Black) SOLD

Midtown - Forget What You Know (Yellow/Black LP1/Black/Blue LP2) SOLD

Mighty Might Bosstones – Lets Face It (White/Black Split)

Mumford and Sons - Sigh No More (1st press Black)

Mumford and Sons - Babel (1st press Black)

Muscle and Bone (Fest 12 Release)

My Chemical Romance – Three Cheers (Clear w/ Red Splatter) SOLD

My Chemical Romance – Black Parade (White/Black Splatter) SOLD

New Found Glory – Kill It Live (Black/Yellow Split)

Paramore – Self Titled (Clear Blue)

Punchline – So Nice (Clear Blue)

Punchline – 37 Everywhere (Tri-color Blue/Green/Yellow) SOLD

Punchline – Action (Clear w/ Red/White/Black Splatter) SOLD

Rise Against – Siren Song (Red/Orange Busrt)

Rise Against – Sufferer and The Witness (1st press Black)

Rise Against – Appeal to Reason (1st press Clear)

Rise Against – End Game (1st press Orange/Yellowish Burst)

Rise Against – Long Forgotten Songs (1st press Red)

Rufio - Perhaps, I Suppose (1st press Red/Black Stripe comes w/ 7 inch Demo)

Say Anything – is A Real Boy (2nd press I think Olive Green White Burst)

Say Anything  - In Defense (1st press Clear Orange)

The Starting Line – The Early Years (1st press Mixed Color)

The Starting Line – Say It Like You Mean It (2nd press Blue Burst)

The Starting Line – BOATS (1st press Smoke Etched D-Side)

The Starting Line – Direction (1st press Blue) SOLD

Senses Fail – Let It Enfold You (1st press Orange/Red)

Senses Fail – Still Searching (1st press Clear Red w/Black)

Senses Fail – Life Is Not.. (1st press Clear w/Red/White/Blue Splatter)

Set Your Goals – This Will Be (1st press White)

Strung Out – Black Out The Sky (1st press Fat Web Store/Maroon)

Strung Out – Song of Armor (1st press Fat Web Store/Blue w/Red Stripe)

Torche – Harmonicraft (Clear/No Slipmat unless you really want it ahaha)

Transit- Young New England (1st press Starburst) 

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Added some 12's gonna sleep on selling some of my more rare/prized albums. Many many albums missing. Will post more through the weekend. You can take a look at my instagram and see other things not listed that I may part with. Check it at tjm182 


Also, VC is the only place i'm listing this stuff, I met some really awesome people and made some great deals so VC gets first shot!  

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Just wanted to let anyone thinking about making purchases, that i'm going to start putting this list on Discogs. I've been ghosted by far too many people in the last 48 hours and I really need to start moving these records as the new furniture for my sons play room (currently where my records are) is coming soon and I need to start making room and don't want my records sitting in my basement. I'll cross off what I add to Discogs as I go.

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