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PO: Failure - 1992-1996 5LP Box Set

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Comfort 12" Black Vinyl
1. Submission
2. Macaque
3. Something
4. Screen Man
5. Swallow
6. Muffled Snaps
7. Kindred
8. Pro-Catastrophe
9. Princess
10. Salt Wound

Magnified 12" Black Vinyl:
1. Let It Drip
2. Moth
3. Frogs
4. Bernie
5. Magnified
6. Wonderful Life
7. Undone
8. Wet Gravity
9. Empty Friend
10. Small Crimes

Fantastic Planet 12" Black Double Vinyl:
1. Saturday Saviour
2. Sergeant Politeness
3. Segue 1
4. Smoking Umbrellas
5. Pillowhead
6. Blank
7. Segue 2
8. Dirty Blue Balloons
9. Solaris
10. Pitiful
11. Leo
12. Segue 3
13. The Nurse Who Loved Me
14. Another Space Song
15. Stuck On You
16. Heliotropic
17. Daylight

Outtakes (not listed in sequence) 12" Black Vinyl:
Petting the Carpet
You’re Too Much *
Lunch *
Pennies *
Rat Sack *
Wake Up
Count My Eyes *
Comfort *
Solaris 2014

* - Previously unreleased



Dec. 16, 2019, LOS ANGELES – Failure perform their first three albums, Comfort, Magnified and Fantastic Planet, in their entirety in a trio of July residencies: July 9 to 11 at Chicago’s Thalia Hall, July 16 to 18 at The Echoplex in Los Angeles and July 23 to 25 at New York City’s Bowery Ballroom.

The band, who will be playing Comfort and Magnified front-to-back for the first time ever in a live setting, have simultaneously announced the April 7 release of FAILURE 1992-1996, a four-piece vinyl box set featuring the three ‘90s-era albums. With the original masters finally being unearthed, Comfort, Magnified and Fantastic Planet have been meticulously restored, remixed, and remastered by Ken Andrews to a new level of sonic fidelity that eclipses all previous iterations of the band’s early work.

“Almost everything people have heard from these albums has been sourced from 16bit digital files made in the ‘90s, which was state of the art at the time,” explains Andrews. “But when we found out we were getting our hands on the original analog master tapes, and with all the confusion and lack of quality control on several of the previous iterations, we set out to create the definitive versions of Comfort, Magnified and Fantastic Planet. Everything has been sourced directly from first generation multitrack and stereo master tapes. This is us finally getting to present our early work the way we’ve always wanted to.”

In addition to all the originally released songs from the three albums, the band has discovered several unreleased songs which have also been restored and will be included in the box set.

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1 hour ago, rickker said:

The cash-grab-kings are at it again!

I already own all three on vinyl but the remastering / remixing, inclusion of the missing segue on Magnified and the b-sides & outtakes record have me interested...

Agreed, especially to have "Wake Up" on vinyl.


That also brings me to question the "previously unreleased" songs,  though.  "You're Too Much" and "Pennies" were on the same Golden release that had "Wake Up" on it, and "Count My Eyes" and "Comfort" were released on 7", not to mention their own Essentials release...I have to believe these are the same versions from these releases, just remixed.

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21 hours ago, rickker said:

The cash-grab-kings are at it again!

I already own all three on vinyl but the remastering / remixing, inclusion of the missing segue on Magnified and the b-sides & outtakes record have me interested...

saaaaaaaaaaaaaaame.... i keep looking at it every day but still haven't pulled that trigger hahaha

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  • 3 months later...
7 hours ago, ntslash said:

This was delayed, but the digital files are now available for anyone who ordered the box. I haven't ordered yet.


Anyone out there have the digital files to comment on the quality? 

I just got the files less than an hour ago, initial impression... Magnified is greatly improved in mix and sounds better, more lush and textured... listening to "Wonderful Life" atm... which is my personal favorite on the album.   Curious why they didn't send out 24bit files, the download is 16bit. 

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Magnified and Comfort are greatly improved. It sounds like a completely new production. Ken outdid himself on the new mixes. The remaster of Fantastic Planet has a little more low end and the low mids are little different, but nothing drastic.

From a sonic standpoint, this was already worth the $$$. Can't wait for the physical release as well. Excited to hear the b-sides too.

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