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Black Friday: Picture Disc Store Day 2021 (RSD Black Friday list is out!)

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3 minutes ago, timsimmons said:

I think it will cut down on dudes who line up just to flip. 3 days, 3 lines thats a bigger time commitment. 

Nah flippers will flip even if they make a dollar only.  This will probably cut down on the people who only come out for RSD once a year for something to do. The ones who always seem to call it “record day”. 

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Let me repeat what I said the first time they rescheduled and say I think they’re being optimistic.


Can they please just release the stock and/or just cancel the event? This is probably the worst possible idea if you were to put it up against everything that’s been suggested in this thread...


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This idea sucks. Who wants to do Record Store Day potentially 3 times in any given year, let alone during a pandemic year??

And that's assuming it'll even be possible to have people in record stores by August. Some of the stores around me are very small buildings, which would mean something like 1 in 1 out. Then you'll have more people waiting in a line/crowd for longer, etc. Just seems like a lot to expect for a limited edition record.

They should have just done online sales three different days, if they were dead set on stretching it out. Allot 1/3 of your inventory for the first day, second day, third day. If you didn't get it the first time, you'll have two more chances!

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I'm very skeptical at the effectiveness at this new approach. I can understand and appreciate the idea and effort for it...but even after a hopeful "passing" or leveling out of the pandemic...I am not going out to anywhere there'll be any gatherings of any size.





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Second wave is going to be brutal with restrictions lifted all at once, and a generalized false sense of security across the nation.  Couple it with immune systems that will be weakened with flu season in the later months of the year – not to be a pessimist, but I wouldn’t chance it.  Especially over such a weak RSD roster this year.

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I just don’t understand their instance on making this happen, and doubling down with firm dates each time they reschedule. I mean, how confident is anyone really that by August we’ll be at a place where gathering in crowds and camping out in front a retail shop will be ok? That’s only a few months away...


If they’re determined not to cancel it, why can’t they leave it open-ended until we have a better picture on how society will function post-lockdown?

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It's a tough situation for everyone. I'm sure most stores are really looking forward to the jump in sales this day creates. If it's spread out over three days it could be the shot in the arm a lot of stores need to get through a tough year. On the other hand it's certainly optimistic to think there will be any type of normalcy come August. You would hope things will be better but it's so uncertain. If they are relaxing online sale guidelines then they should just do it 100% and allow consumers and businesses the ability to put into practice what they feel is the most safe and effective way to deal with a shitty situation.

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4 hours ago, Fowty Dollaz said:

This is going to be SO much better.


This is dumb. 🤪


I work on Saturdays, and it was difficult for me to take the April and June dates off.


Now, I have to take off THREE MORE DAYS of work to get all the releases I want?


In order to have the Black Friday records, they need to be in the pipeline and be pressed NOW.


All the pressing plants are closed! The Black Friday scheduled releases are NOT going to be ready.


Let the record stores do what they wish with a few of the titles, so they can make a little money now at least, but save the majority of them for Black Friday.


Get everything to the stores early, so the reduced staff can get a head start with inventory and pricing. All the stores SHOULD have everything by Black Friday.

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Even thinking it over, if they went with this approach it would only make sense if they had a single list released on three different days. Maybe the dedicated flippers would try to make it out three times but most people would aim for one date, try to get their want list, then be done with it. It would even make it likelier people would get what they want since presumably there would be less people showing up each day since it would be the same records on sale (and isn't less people the whole point??).


Three dates with three totally different releases makes less than zero sense. It makes negative sense. I can't understand how more than two people sitting in a room planning this out couldn't come to that conclusion. I'm baffled...

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