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Official Record Store Day Thread

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41 minutes ago, rhcp02 said:

... it went up at 8 AM, which was the advertised time
(source: me, buying 4 records at 8:01)



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3 hours ago, frutiger75 said:

the reinstatement of the ridiculous week-long UK wait for online sales (suspended during covid over the last two years) is just nagging, and frankly, non-sensical. either the people are eager over the entirety of two weekend days and buy a copy of a title, or they aren't. so why not release leftovers sooner online? 

I believe that the theory is that as distance for people to travel to a store in the UK is a lot less than other countries they wanted the extra week to continue to bring people in to the stores. I'm assuming it works otherwise they'd probably have changed it (aside from the COVID years!).  Previously some stores had a long line on Sunday as well!

I think they'll be plenty of places with Suede left though. 

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On 4/26/2022 at 2:15 PM, Alan P said:

Anyone have any idea if there are any US stores that have the Frightened Rabbit EP's? Lots for sale on Discogs, but all from EU sellers.  The only RSD release I have picked up so far is the Camera Obscura.

They were UK RSD only but I was able to order them today from Rough Trade UK & Banquet Records. Good luck!

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