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Record Store Day 2020 - THIS SATURDAY! Line up, or don't. Its just all chaos all the time with everything.

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I like these so far:

Slave To The Grind

Space Hog Resident Alien

Sugarhill Gang


Music From The X-Files

Pete Rock

Paul Hardcastle

Oh shoot! Can't forget that 12" Slint too!


Not a whole lot but this is the UK list. More info should be surfacing soon including the US list.

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2 hours ago, simple_torture said:

Physical copies of the list are out there. Someone at Steve Hoffman has one and is leaking some info bit-by-bit: https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/record-store-day-rsd-2020-april-18.919354/page-12#post-23351910

A new Tennis System mini-LP & Denzel Curry’s cover of Bulls On Parade.  Oh hell yes.

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No one else is going to care much (or at least I hope not), but Peter Bruntnell's Normal For Bridgwater has been a mainstay on my "would love it on vinyl but there's no way anyone's ever going to press it" list.  I'm guessing it will be a UK only release and looks like it will be limited to 500, but hopefully I'll find a way to snag a copy.

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Happy to hear Bloodflowers is coming out. If memory serves the last two years The Cure RSD releases got standard black issues a few months after the picture discs came out and I'll happily grab that over a picture disc any day.


Outside of that the only thing that vaguely interests me is the Biffy Clyro 7" but I'm not willing to camp out for that. I also find it a bit greasy that the label is releasing a single that's A-Side was part of a charity compilation where their name was probably a big draw, hope some money goes to tiny changes from these RSD sales at least. They also are gearing up for album eight soon but I was so disappointed by their new single I can't even be bothered to start a thread.


It's cool to see Jenny Lee (Warpaint) doing some more solo work but I'd never play a 12" single.

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