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Record Store Day Pt. 2 - Because LOL nothing matters.

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On 6/17/2022 at 4:06 AM, nathan_s82 said:

Can someone help me with the RSD drop for Saturday? Looking to get the Pearl Jam Live on 2 Legs and Halestorm Coffin single. Thanks!

We are going to have a bunch of Pearl Jam, Kali Uchi's, Prince and Voivod at 5am tomorrow along with a ton of other stuff. Don't sleep on www.1234gorecords.com/rsd2022leftovers

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4 hours ago, AdamJNovak said:

Didn't really feel like being in a line this morning after seeing the strokes last night. On the hunt for the PJ release, but probably won't make it to my shop much before 2pm or so. If anyone finds a copy for retail online, please let me know!

Come see us at 5am tomorrow! www.1234gorecords.com/rsd2022leftovers

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Monster Music in Charleston SC will have its remaining RSD inventory live on our website at shortly after 8 am on Sunday, 6/19. (It'll take a few minutes for everything to percolate up, so give it a few minutes.)

We offer free domestic shipping on $75+ orders and use Whiplash mailers. Lots of RSD stuff in stock, including:

Pearl Jam, Viktor Vaughn, Gerard Way, Sweet Relief, Go Ahead Punk, Prince, My Morning Jacket, Linda Hoover, Halestorm, Jerry Garcia, Peter Gabriel, Miles Davis, Collective Soul, and many more (not going to list them all here).

We'll be in the store shipping orders bright and early, and available here to answer any questions. (About to get some shut-eye right now though.)

Here's our link: https://monstermusicsc.tuneportals.com/Genre/6957238


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