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Soccer Mommy - Color Theory (2/28)

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Actually, it looks like they removed the option for non-club ($25/month) members to buy exclusives.  Which is kinda’ fucked but not at all surprising.  I’m grandfathered in with the $6.00 each month to scoop up store exclusives, which was treating me right for the last few years.  But now it’s forcing me to sub just to add that SM /500 to my cart.  They had no problem charging me $6.00 on February 1st, so I have no idea what I’m paying for at this point.  Trying to e-mail their customer service seems like a lost cause at this stage of the game, too.  Stumped.

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1 hour ago, Derek™ said:

I just think “wedge” variant (splits, tris, quads, etc.) are pretty gross.  Even if the tri-color was super rare or something, it still wouldn’t be desirable to me.  Just my preference.

I have similar preferences. I laughed when the new split was announced because I thought "went from 3 colors to 2, now to just wait for the single yellow". But, kudos to them to having the tri-color match the colors of the sleeve. I really don't like color-for-color-sake approach when it doesn't match the artwork. 

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