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OUT NOW: The Used - Heartwork (4/24/20)

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In case you missed it, we want you to create your own Heartwork tarot card! We’re picking a few winners to get limited edition merch. You are all blowing us away so far with your cards. Here are some amazing ones that have been submitted!

Get your blank tarot card at theused.net and share your card by tagging us and posting with #HeartworkTarot. You can also email your card to [email protected] We’ll be taking submissions until May 1st!

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updated review list.  they just keep coming with praise for the used.  finally used getting the praise and respect they deserve.
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Per one of the above reviews, verbatim.


Heartwork will kick you in the face with its powerful riffs, catchy hooks and the feeling that you’ve travelled back in time! It’s the record we didn’t even realise just how badly we needed it!


So yeah.  This album would fucking destroy on some Geocities music blogs.

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The_Used-Heartwork-2020-C4 – scenedl.org

I found this pic on a forum and you can see there is a PARENTAL ADVISORY logo printed on the bottom left corner under the word perfect.  only 4 used releases have the PA print (maybe memories, love and death, berth, and lies for the lair)  while all other releases avoided it. 

I think this is because the used signed to big noise music group and UNIVERSAL INGROOVES is the distributer for big noise and I read in the blink 182 thread that universal puts the PA logo on all their releases.  this always pisses me off because it ruins the artwork.  it should just be a sticker on the outside shrinkwrap.  grrrrr.

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9 hours ago, lostcrimes said:

You'll live.


4 hours ago, Uw0tm8 said:

When I was a kid, I only bought a CD because it HAD a PA on it. That’s how you knew it was going to be good. That’s why I loved blink when I was 12.

yes when we are dumb kids we think it is cool but not now as adults.  it should be a sticker only or just on the back....who ever thought it was a good idea to destroy album covers and slap that right on the front cover.

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