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Why pop-up ads at bottom now?!?!


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For the last few days i have been testing a new way to fund the VC server/maintenance costs. A second ad company who pays more than google. Google is horrible for paying what ads are actually worth so we had to look for another revenue stream to pay for the costs to run VC. As you may or may not know, VC is pay for out of pocket by Danny and Jenna. Costs keep rising and google keeps paying less. So we need a solution. Any input would be greatly appreciated. 


I was also just told we edit the frequency of the pop up ads so it can be seen 1 time per use and if X'd out it wont show again for another hour. Thoughts? 


Hate it or not. What other solutions are out there?  I spoke to @jhulud and we both agree we want your input. 


Again sorry for testing it without letting everyone know. I should have explained my plan for testing for doing it. Sorry!

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I mean, if we have to have it the either side thing is fine as it's not in the way on Desktop, not sure how it shows up in mobile.


I don't give a shit about ads if they're not intrusive. Can the infolinks thing not just appear the same way Google did? Banner ad at top at bottom, not floating?

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What the fuck is going on.


Now I'm getting 2 ads on the sides, 1 ad at the top, 1 ad at the bottom,  1 ad IN THE MIDDLE OF POSTS.....



We are 1 step away from having 8 different flashing neon >>>Open Thread<<< buttons and 7 of them are just malware installs and 1 opens the thread.


This is stupid.

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