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Why pop-up ads at bottom now?!?!

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I would like to have most of these new banners only show when you are not logged in as a VC user. I apologize again for the testing. I thought the side banners were better than the centre pop up at the bottom of the site so i wanted to see what the deal was with those. Give me a few more days to test. I think personally if you are a signed up VC member you should see less ads 100%. Then we can keep building the VC community with actual users vs most of the guest accounts. Just a thought. 


Also no side banners on mobile. It's only a desktop only product.

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The side banners have become very intrusive & cumbersome and making not only navigating each page difficult but also I can’t really do any Admin work effectively. At least not on my laptop. I can do all OK on mobile since no ads but the functionality & effectiveness somewhat lack from compared on desktop. 

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Just today we got bombarded with 30+ posts from spam accounts that I had to go through & delete & then flag and delete the users. Took me close to 30 minutes on desktop. It normally should take me about 5-10 minutes at most but got severely slowed down by the ads as they covered portions of the control panel to edit/delete posts. 

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3 hours ago, danny said:

Took down the side ads and added back the centre pop up ad. I am told once you close it once you wont see it will tomorrow. We will see how it works. Thanks for everyones feedback on the testing!

Yeah not the case. Bottom ads are back with a fucking vengeance.



Just get rid of everything. Seriously. This is bullshit.

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All I know now is that whatever changes have been made now, we’re now even more open to spam posting. In the past 4+ hours, I’ve had to clean up & delete over 50 spam posts. And go through & flag spam accounts & delete them as well. It’s never been this bad. 

May not be related to the change in the ads & pop-ups but there has been an severe uptick. 

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23 hours ago, jhulud said:

I appreciate the fix now if having just the one pop-up ad at the bottom & can 86’d just once & it’s gone until the next time visit the boards. 



There are now ads popping up in the middle of posts themselves?!?! What gives? 


YO @danny



stop fuckin around and fix this shit.

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Please disable AdBlock OR sign-in in order to be able to access our website...

I Understand, I'll disable it for this website