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More than 1 Record Player?

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Any but the bedroom. Do you plan to listen to records when entertaining or just by yourself and/or partner? Seems like that's the deciding factor. For me, I have one downstairs in the living room and upstairs in our "loft". When we didn't have a kid (two years ago) we'd hang out in the loft and play records with company or alone. Now that's not an option with a baby sleeping in the next room (I can still listen alone with headphones). Even if we only had one, I'd still have it in the loft to accommodate all the records. We can still play records when we have company downstairs.

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Recently moved to a new home(actually one year as of 11-13-21). I never thought I'd need more than one record player. But I didn't get the record room setup until this summer but in the meanwhile I had my old ATLP120 setup in the living room while my record room had all the uhaul boxes 3000+ records. So then I finally organized my record room with 3 ikea 5×5 and my Rega RP3 and just left the ATLP120 in the living room. I like it like that way. 

Now I'm planning on setting up an old Hitachi HT-L70 linear tracking turntable with a shelf system in the bedroom. My wife thinks I'm crazy but I think I'm right here. What do you guys think? Anyways...

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