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Coronavirus COVID-19 Social Distancing Self-Quarantine Discussion Thread

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2 minutes ago, Derek™ said:

Not arguing that we should remain idle or hold off on solutions until the pandemic is over, but I suspect we’ll be getting some extra mileage out of the #icantbreathe tag later this month.

All jokes aside Eric Garner was killed only 5 blocks from my high school. That hashtag never really went away. I'm not out there because COVID, and bless those that are. And fuck those apolitical and anti-government assholes that are out there antagonizing the cops to take shit out on peaceful protesters. More people now than ever are speaking up, and being out there right now is risking your life in multiple ways. I don't think business should be burnt up, but as much as that sucks its stuff at the end of the day.


And I want to get this out there before people are like BuT tHe ProTesTorS R rIotinG!





These people are sticking themselves out there to protect stuff as well as their lives.

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this counter protestor / doofus who didn’t believe in wearing masks that showed up at my local BLM protests came down with COVID.



there’s pics of him all over the local pages screaming into BLM protestors’ faces.


anyway, the situation sucks here in huntington beach. cases keep going up, people are getting nasty and confrontational when asked to wear a mask or keep a distance. there’s a bunch of businesses that don’t comply and now have employees testing positive. yet, since OC beaches and bars are still open, i think people from neighboring counties will be crowding our beach and downtown district.


i don’t have a problem staying home and my husband can work from home most of the time but i’m stressed about what my kid’s fall is going to look like. 😕

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Another beach dude checking in. I'm close to Rehoboth and Dewey Beach DE and Ocean City MD. A ton of bars and restaurants are either closing or stopping dine in and there's a bunch of testing sites opening. I'm blaming it on tourons because traffic is like the 4th of July every day and tbh there's nowhere else to vacation right now other than camping. We just had our biggest spike of confirmed cases in quite some time and things are only getting worse.

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16 hours ago, jhulud said:

How’s everyone holding up so far? 

Without getting into too much detail...not yet at least...I’m ready to blow my brains out. I despise my family & working from home surrounded by them 24/7...I’ve had enough. 

Sorry to hear man. Looking at the COVID stats from Florida, you're better off inside or on some crabgrass far away from people.


It's been much better in NYC. Infection rates are still low, but as things slowly open back up, they'll definitely spike. My neighborhood still only wears masks for half of the time, so its meh.


I'm working summer school from home. Working summer school has always been fun, but its weird doing live Zoom meetings everyday. Not looking forward to being sent back in the fall, as rates will definitely spike and people will for sure get sick. Gotta get my hazmat suit ready. At least give me hazard pay. And also it'd be nice if Washington would step up more and fund small businesses and people out of work...

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22 hours ago, Tommy said:

unpopular opinion


There's no cure, will be no cure, if there's a vaccine its months/years away. May as well just get it at this point and let nature do what nature does. 100% of the population will be infected at one point or another. Lets fucking get it over with

I wonder why that's an unpopular opinion.

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On 7/9/2020 at 10:41 AM, Tommy said:

unpopular opinion


There's no cure, will be no cure, if there's a vaccine its months/years away. May as well just get it at this point and let nature do what nature does. 100% of the population will be infected at one point or another. Lets fucking get it over with

My parents are all about this approach.  Herd immunity is their favorite phrase when discussing anything Covid related.


By this point I think most of us have accepted that Covid will never truly be eliminated and scrubbed off the planet.  It's way too widespread and contagious.  An eventual vaccine may snuff it out over the years but traces of it, at minimum, are here to stay way longer than any of us will be around.

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12 hours ago, Shitty Rambo said:

California Coronavirus Update: State Sets Grim Record With Most Daily COVID-19 Deaths Ever; Death Toll Tops 8,000



That means the total number of COVID-related deaths in the state has now topped 8,000, with 8,027.

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Visited the family this weekend which naturally meant shooting the shit around the grill with my old man.  He’s chatting about the idea of a Jubilee – essentially a national debt reset, to wipe the slate clean.  Of course, at the cost of resetting everyone’s savings accounts, credit, checking accounts, 401ks, etc.  Some folks are claiming it’s the only way our nation could feasibly get out of debt since it’s mathematically impossible after covid and stimulus checks.  How likely it may be or not,  I think it’s a pretty interesting concept to consider all the same.

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Geez. More than a month since the last post. 


So let's check-in. How's everyone doing so far?


I'm still working from home and honestly I've had it. Mainly the anxiety and uncertainty of my position being that I was reallocated to my old previous role...which I was happy to do it...but worried about when the rug will be pulled from under and get sent back to my other role, which I despise. 


My mental health and well-being have been greatly affected as the days go on. Mainly due to the cabin fever and being around my parents and brother 24/7. Everyone is always in a bad mood and spitting venom at each other. And it all of course gets compounded even more from the outside sources of the political and societal clime as of late. 



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