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Coronavirus COVID-19 Social Distancing Self-Quarantine Discussion Thread

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I wonder why that's an unpopular opinion.

Got lucky and had a full time remote position at a direct competitor fall into my lap this week, had the second interview this afternoon, hopefully all pans out. 

Work's been dry for months here and anything that was in the pipeline just vanished understandably, so really am out of the job and broke. But I'm not going to let that get me down! I've made a video

Just now, N8TRU said:

Delaware has broken the record number of 'new cases for a single day' multiple times in the last month. That probably says enough for how things are going. I'm signed up to get the vaccine ASAP through my work and hopefully I'll be picked to receive my first shot this month.


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Weekend check-in for everyone. 


How are y'all doing and holding up.


I'm still struggling. It's not helping that we're now deep into holiday season and all. With all the pandemic and post-election drama, the household depression is sinking us and I'm essentially carrying the weight of the family to have a semblance of holiday cheer. 


Not to mention that my father is going through a potential second cancer-scare. They found some concerning masses in one of his lungs. A biopsy was done and he's going to meet with the doctor on Monday for the results and discussion on what it all may be. 


Needless to say, everyone's attitude at home is on edge and snapping at each other and getting triggered at every little thing. 



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I really hope things work out ok for your father and the rest of your family, jhulud. This is not the year or the time of year to be going through a health scare. Sending positive thoughts your way.


I say that as my father-in-law passed away last Tuesday.  Underlying health conditions got to him but his passing was sudden and unexpected. It was not Covid related.


My wife is off to be with her immediate family and my marching orders were to stay home with the kids and keep the household running. With Covid putting attendance caps on funeral services and our own risk factors with the kids being in school, I understand that it's best to stay put. It's still breaking my heart to not be there to help and pay my respects in person.


I'm also having some trouble as we head into the holidays. At first I was relieved that my family was postponing any gatherings and excited that for once we finally don't have to travel. Now the sadness is setting in that we aren't going to see anyone. Again, I know this is for the best but everything is feeling like such a grind these days.

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We're holding it in there, I've never been a huge holiday person so they don't have too much of an effect one me but we did go a little over the opt this year with lights on the house and such, because what the fuck else is there to do (also the baby seems to appreciate it in her mumbles). 


It's still sounding like the return to office is set for July, but I'm really starting to hate the company I'm working for, so I've began the process of job hunting for something full time remote, so we'll see what happens. 

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i had covid at the end of July along with my brother and dad. brother brought it in from a girl he was seeing. low fever and light headaches. then taste/smell gone after about 4 days or so. lasted for maybe another 4 days. after that the fever went away and headaches as well. smell and taste came back. still quarantined for another 2 weeks. brother bad a cough and dad was fatigued at times. since then it's been good. some counties nearby have issued a curfew once again. for the most part everything is still ok in my city and nearby cities. always got my sanitizer and gloves just in case i go looking for comics. hopefully everyone is safe(we haven't lost anyone or any of their family members/friends)

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So according to NYC Test + Trace, everyone a my school site is supposed to quarantine because we were exposed to a therapist who met with everyone and later tested positive. This is why my union had to fight harder to stay remote in the first place, to avoid shit like this. I got tested yesterday and expect negative results as my exposure was limited, and I wear a respirator mask and shield at work. Ridiculous that we opened back up in the first place.

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On 1/11/2021 at 8:09 PM, Tommy said:

Guys! Guys! It's safe to come out now





Personally, whether or not I like someone in power I won't shoot myself in the foot and play contrarian when they are for something that benefits my life after I've been advocating for it. Consider it a happy accident your vote didn't count against something you want like you hoped it would lmao

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Oh thank God, what a hero!


That first paragraph is something else 🤣

"The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the United States economy into an economic crisis. Across the country, more than 10 million Americans are unemployed, 14 million renters are behind on payments, and 29 million adults – and at least 8 million children – are struggling with food insecurity. Because of pervasive systemic racism and inequality in our economy, the burdens of this economic crisis are hitting communities of color and other underserved families hardest."


Shutdown (52 weeks to flatten the curve) and constant fearmongering  was definitely the way to go for losing 400K people over the age of 65.


Also, America is still racist

Edited by Tommy
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