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Black Walmart exclusive 



Indie store silver 



"Arms wide open" clear w/ beige pinwheel Newbury comics exclusive 



"my sea-crafice" seafoam blue rough trade exclusive 



Gold Bass Pro Shops exclusive 



Red https://www.fnac.com/a14718928/Creed-Greatest-Hits-Exclusivite-Fnac-Vinyle-Rouge-Vinyle-album#omnsearchpos=1


Blood of christ bullmoose edition  https://www.bullmoose.com/p/34555290/creed-greatest-hits-red-vinyl-import-limited-edition-red

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16 minutes ago, ntslash said:

Where is the tracklist? I can't make an informed buying decision without being certain that all my favorite Creed songs are in this album. 

This is a "the best of" Creed. It has etching on all 4 sides. No music. Framing purposes only. 

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Y'all acting like you didn't already know this is a vinyl reissue of a 2x platinum greatest hits album with a track list that'll make your heart pound and your woman's toes curl. Pathetic.


1.    "Torn"   
2.    "My Own Prison"  
3.    "What's This Life For"    
4.    "One"    
5.    "Are You Ready?"  
6.    "Higher" 
7.    "With Arms Wide Open"  
8.    "What If"   
9.    "One Last Breath"   
10.    "Don't Stop Dancing"   
11.    "Bullets"   
12.    "My Sacrifice"  
13.    "Weathered"



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