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The Appleseed Cast - The end of the ring wars Repress !

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https://thirtysomethingrecords.bigcartel.com/product/the-appleseed-cast-the-end-of-the-ring-wars-2xlpThere is a new repress up for preorder in Germany with new artwork (two variants (each /200) ) . There will be also a band Exclusive Variant /100 soon 


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2 hours ago, throwgncpr said:

I'm kind of surprised how low the pressing is given the demand for this. Though I know licensing from Deep Elm is a real bitch, so maybe that played in to the small run.

It'd def be Deep Elms doing. I remember Graveface complaining they'd never license from them again after not being able to press enough Mare Vitalis last go round.

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5 minutes ago, dantheriver said:

For any completionists out there:

they are cutting selected tracks from their live streams onto 7” lathes. First one is up via their Bandcamp.  $15 for a single song live lathe is too rich for my blood, but somebody here probably wants this.

I was listening to the stream last night and if it actually went well the music on that lathe is essential Appleseed. If the next two nights go well and all 3 lathes are up i might buy them then. But that quality on a bad quality lathe would almost be completely pointless besides being a donation to Chris.


Edit: I was also under the impression it was double sided. Wonder why I figured that.

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That description of the band variant makes zero sense in correlation with the album artwork...white with red swirl?  Maybe if there is an alternate red album cover that might make more sense.   Odd choice to say the least.   Either way, I'm excited to grab a copy.  I'm assuming if I can't snag a band copy before they sell out, these euro copies may stick around for a bit.

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3 hours ago, Derek™ said:

My logic too.  It’s probably my least visited Appleseed album but I imagine that would change with a clean sheen of polished production.

Ah...I think we've been over this in another Appleseed thread. Still probably my most listened to of theirs, followed by Mare.

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