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100% of the proceeds from this comp go toward sending medical supplies to hospitals and emergency medical services in need, combatting COVID-19. The comp consists of 19 unsigned bands from around the globe, with genres varying from hip-hop to metalcore, to electronic to punk. There's truly something on here for everyone to enjoy. You can purchase the comp here. It's available now digitally, and available to pre-order on cassette. It even features some songs from members of the VC community. However many tapes are ordered before May 15th, 2020 is how many will be made.


Here's the track list: 


1. D20 - False Girls (Kill Nice Guys)

2. My Sister's Fugazi Shirt - No Stairway

3. Chase Tremaine - Matter

4. The Nice Age - Alpine Camp

5. The Collective - The Unknown (Demo)

6. Heartlistener - Portrait

7. JoDi - Return Of The JoDi

8. Clothing Optional - Melancholy Man

9. Brendan Brisk - Sense At All

10. Hall Of The Elders - Cabin Boy

11. afewyearslater - ...And I Was Wondering If I'm The Only One Who Ever Listened To You

12. Blake Caragh - HumanHuntingHat

13. Conner Messman - Toxic

14. Trophy Jump - Glass Bell

15. Hope Solo - Ship Monaco

16. NOMORE - Stars In Motion

17. You, Me, And Everyone We Know - F.I.N.E.

18. Celebration Guns - Taking Sides

19. 20storiesfalling - The Other Side Of This


Share the link with your friends if you have the time. Thanks for checking this out!

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Added pre-order cut off date.
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i got three songs in and then stumbled on Chase Termaine and havent stopped listening to his record "unfall" since. What a hidden gem.

That said, ill eventually get the chance to get back around to the rest of this comp at some point lol. 


went ahead and bought it digitally to help support in the meantime. 

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Awesome! I'm glad you guys are digging it!

If anyone else wants a physical copy, the last day to order them is May 15th. After May 15th, we're going to order the supplies to get them made. However many have been pre-ordered before then is how many we'll make. It'll still be available digitally after the 15th though. Share it around if you're able! I appreciate all of you!

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