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Norma Jean - Meridional Repress

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6 hours ago, Rottengoth said:

Such a cash grab of a release. Really basic. Cool it got repressed but damn the art looks shot and the finished product didn’t look like the mockups.

Disagree. My Blue/White looks exactly like the mockup. The Black/White copies I've seen on IG also look a million times better than say the Blink-182 DED that just came out. Art is pretty basic, true. The fuzziness was expected on my end as well. It was part of the og CD/LP Design, so I figured it would remain fuzzy.

Wouldn't call it a cash grab either since they likely won't repress this for a long time/ever, they have 5+ people to support, and it may need to support them for a year+. Was going to do the math here, but suffice to say, they aren't going to be getting Gold Jacuzzi's based off this.

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Got my copy today, relieved to say that, while it doesn't sound revelatory, it's very solid. I really enjoy the inclusion of the two bonus tracks, but I was a bit thrown off by the insertion of Kill More Presidents between Falling From the Sky and Everlasting Tapeworm as it really slimes the buildup to Tapeworm. Still, a heck of an album and it sounds better than I expected.


As far as the artwork, it is a touch darker than it should be, but you guys had me expecting it to be pixelated or something. I think it possibly could have been crisper, but in general it looks totally fine and stays true to the painted aesthetic.


One question I had, did everyone else get the discs in the opposite sleeves they expected? I have disc 1 in the sleeve with the quote from Innocent Bystanders and disc 2 in the sleeve with the quote from Leaderless. If it was intentionally some kind of reverse bookend thing, that's fine, it just kinda made my minor OCD senses tingle.

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Finally got to spin mine. 
Would have much preferred this if it came out like the mockup, but its not bad looking.

Also, the pixelated cover, is well... pixelated, but I think with the 'grunge' vibe of the art it really isn't that noticeable.

The whole thing is a decent package too, gate-fold with quality printed inners.


And the important part... it really does sounds excellent.  So, consider me happy overall. 

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The artwork while it is pixelated, doesn't bug me that much. Going back if anybody owns a copy of Straylight Run's s/t, Further Seems Forever "Hide Nothing", and Lydia "This December..." it's the same style of artwork by StarvingEyes which was a dude named Jason Oda if I recall... Pretty sure it's the same guy that made the classic "Emo Game"! Anyways all the art from those albums are very similar in style. 

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1 minute ago, tokimedo said:

Anyone have links for the rsd pressing ? Can’t miss this twice. 

Germany going up at 3 PM EST: https://www.hhv.de/shop/en/item/norma-jean-meridional-blue-black-friday-record-store-day-2020-edition-776071?p=t0NTvG


probably you can get stateside options too.

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