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Hardcore / Punk Releases & Pre-Orders Thread

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1 hour ago, ThunderPantz said:

So pumped on this. Good on them for keeping it affordable too. They could have easily asked $50 for a 3xLP and I'd still buy it without blinking an eye

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10 minutes ago, Streiti said:

New Soul Glo for pre-order




First song is damn good

Very excited about this. There is also a Brooklyn Vegan variant that wasn't listed in the DW list. EDIT: Looks like that is the "Project M" version.

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On 1/11/2022 at 8:05 PM, ParallelofDeath said:

They already mentioned on IG that they're doing another pressing, and also that 300 copies from this pressing are going to various distros. I am surprised how quickly the other 700 went though. 

I snagged the of 300 splatter but also am very surprised they sold 1000 of these so quickly. 

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10 hours ago, MyEnemy said:

Shit, I knew I should've gotten this when I saw this.

Honestly, I'm surprised it sold out in 5 hours? The last pressing lasted for a bit. I do believe that this will be one of those classic punk 45's that people will want throughout the years.

I still need to find the whole album. I somehow completely slept on that one.

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3 hours ago, Han Solo said:

Magnitude - To Whatever Fateful End Alt cover /75. Clear vinyl. I got the second last one so there should be one remaining



Thanks!  I was able to get the alt cover one.  Incredible album. 

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