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Hardcore / Punk Releases & Pre-Orders Thread

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From Triple B's FB page:

TBR 159: BURIED ALIVE “Death Of Your Perfect World” LP reissue goes up Feb 3 at 11:59pm! Only 1000 made and features and updated gatefold layout by the original artist Mike Ski. Also throwing up a reprint of the classic BBB shirts for order at the same time. Everything is in hands and will ship immediately.


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This falls under hardcore and metal. 


END REIGN...members of All Out War, Integrity, Bloodlet, and Misery Index. First single is out now...for a limited and you can order now for a limited time. If not, wait until the full-length drops. It's awesome. 


24 HOUR PREVIEW End Reign 'The Hunger' | A389 Recordings (bandcamp.com)



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New version of This Place You Know by One Step Closer. This was easily one of my favourite albums of 2021, check it out if you haven't yet. Honestly I would compare it to Basement's Colourmeinkindess or I Wish I Could Stay here mixed with some UK melodic hardcore. You'll see what I mean:




Here's their FYA set:



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Mad Brother Ward 'Ugly Life 7" now available. Etched blue vinyl.


More than twenty-five years after releasing two widely acclaimed 7" eps legendary underground provocateur MAD BROTHER WARD returns with a two fisted blast of straight ahead punk rock.

Originally championed in MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL and FLIPSIDE by the likes of Tim Yohannon, Jeff Bale and Bruce Roehrs as well as the scribes of countless fanzines, the under-underground cult following of Ward's hit and run style continues to resonate with collectors seeking out his early records.



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3 minutes ago, mouthofinfinity said:

Anyone else order the Mind Piece 7” from Triple B and did you get it yet? They said on IG they were in hand and would be shipping after Christmas. Emailed them yesterday and haven’t gotten a response. 

They sent out shipping notifications last week.

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On 2/3/2022 at 5:36 PM, ParallelofDeath said:

$15 for a 7"? That's the antithesis of punk rock. Damn.

Is there really a punk ethos anymore? I'm ancient, so when Blink 182 came out and were labeled as "punk" I pretty much knew things had mostly changed forever. Also, the cost of getting that splatter with screened cover manufactured was probably pretty high. Not excusing the price. I wouldn't pay that for a 7 inch.

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