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Hardcore / Punk Releases & Pre-Orders Thread

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3 hours ago, throwgncpr said:

Damn, I missed that Daïtro repress 🙁

Try this one out. 83 left as of me posting this.


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With a mission in mind, SPEED are setting out to put Australian hardcore on the map. Formed in 2019, the Sydney-based band have a no holds barred approach and enticing sound that make them standouts in the genre. Composed of vocalist Jem, bassist Aaron Siow, guitarist Josh Clayton and Dennis Vichidvongsa and drummer Kane Vardon, SPEED showcase a tough exterior, but amplify their sense of identity and community in everything they do. Following the release of their demo in 2019, the band teamed up with U.S. label Flatspot Records for a two song EP in 2020 and they’ll join forces again for Gang Called Speed, set for release later this year. Recorded with Elliott Gallart at Chameleon Studios, the six songs on the EP are centered around recognizing who you are in this world, taking ownership of that identity and not letting anyone tell you otherwise. Drawing influence from old school acts like Biohazard and Merauder just as much as bands like Trapped Under Ice, the band are putting forth pit-ready music that make it surprising they’ve only been able to play a handful of shows since their formation. That won’t last for long though as they have more performances planned, and with a new EP on the way, SPEED are positioned to make 2022 their biggest year yet.


1st Pressing:

Clear w/ etched B-Side - 150 Copies

Fluorescent Yellow w/ etched B-Side - 250 Copies

Translucent Purple w/ etched B-Side - 600 Copies




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15 minutes ago, phillybhatesme said:

Can you actually listen to Flexis? lol

I found one of the Converge Flexis from Decibel in a cheap bin for a few bucks - haven't even tried to play it. 

Most of the time yeah but there's definitely some rough ones out there that don't play well. Those flexis from Decibel should be pretty good. I have a Full of Hell flexi from Decibel.

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1 hour ago, phillybhatesme said:

Can you actually listen to Flexis? lol

Yeah. I have quite a few actually (10+?). None of them sound as great as a regular 7”, but none sound terrible either. They do sometimes require more downward tracking force on the needle.

I saw a hilarious TikTok thing a while back where some hip hop artist did a flexi and a bunch of Gen Zs with Crosleys complained. They were all saying to use quarters, but seems like that’s way to heavy. I’d go with like a paper clip. Nice small 10g addition.

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Now out on Indecision (and surprisingly still available):

Unbroken life. love. regret. repress on  clear and black and Crushed on You EP (post-Unbroken, Kill Holiday, sounds like the latter) on /200 green.




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