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Hardcore / Punk Releases & Pre-Orders Thread

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I picked up the Hourglass, great band. Definitely check out their old material if you haven't heard them.


Also this is absolutely essential 90s hardcore and out today as a remastered repress:





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On 12/2/2022 at 11:15 AM, prowl20 said:

Also, anyone manage to snag a Prayer For Cleansing on TLAL?




Site was crashing 5 minutes before the clock even

Got a blob from TLAL and got a splatter from Occult Vibrations. OV was easier. Their site was completely fine. 

The band is supposed to have the splatter at the shows in Winston later this month. 

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1 hour ago, ParallelofDeath said:

Another 90s classic available on vinyl for the first time: New Day Rising's Memoirs of Cynicism.


https://protagonistmusic.bandcamp.com/album/memoirs-of-cynicism (also from Deathwish)


If you are into Liberate Te Ex Inferis-era Zao this is for you. Heavy as fuck.

It reminds me of Martyr A.D. at times.  Whoever played bass in this band deserves an A+ for tone.

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6 minutes ago, ParallelofDeath said:

Moerser's Thank You for Leaving is available now from Immigrant Sun in a run of 99 with green marble vinyl and handmade covers. Very cool.



It's my birthday and I completely spaced on this until 1:15. I was going to be PISSED if I missed a copy of this.

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MORROW - The Quiet Earth pre-orders just dropped

For those unfamiliar, Morrow is the neo-crust/d-beat band of Alex CF

(he sang in Lightbearer, Fall Of Efrafa, Momentum, Archivist, and a bunch of others)


US/North America via The Plague Of Man Records



Europe via Alerta Antifascista Records


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