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Hardcore / Punk Releases & Pre-Orders Thread

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I’ll never understand people being alright with spending $25 on a 12” and not $12 on a 7” with the same exact material. Even though I don’t agree with it, I get it from a label prospective, but as a consumer it makes no sense. Let’s not even get into the waste of materials. 

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2 minutes ago, Streiti said:

This could become a real banger:




Hard to describe - maybe a mix of Militarie Gun and Soft Kill


Got to see MS Paint a few times last year and they're really onto something. Instant order for me, can't wait to hear what they cooked up.

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New Jesus Piece "...So Uknown" out 4/14

/600 red marble variant up on Evil Greed:

JESUS PIECE "...So Unknown" LP - Evil Greed


Century Media has a black and clear (/700):

Jesus Piece | Shop the Century Media Official Store


Lilac on Nuclear Blast:

JESUS PIECE - ... so unknown LILAC VINYL - LP | Nuclear Blast


/300 Tiger's Eye on Brooklyn Vegan / Revolver:

JESUS PIECE ‘SO UNKNOWN’ LP (Limited Edition – Only 300 made, Tigers E (brooklynvegan.com)

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Heaven's Gate EP is up for PO now. 

Emerging from the swamps of “the other Bay Area”, Tampa, Florida’s Heaven's Gate debut with their first release, a self titled 12" released via Beach Impediment Records. Heaven’s Gate consists of Tony Foresta (Municipal Waste) on vocals, Mike Goo (Warthog) on guitar, Jeff Howe (Reversal of Man) on bass, and Paul Mazurkiewicz (Cannibal Corpse) on drums. Consisting of five tracks that merge an amalgam of hardcore, punk and extreme metal's most aggressive elements, this initial offering from HEAVEN'S GATE showcases a range of colliding styles that are to be expected from these veterans of varied approaches to heavy music. Recorded across 2022 by Jeramie Kling and Taylor Nordberg, mixed by Will Killingsworth and mastered by Joel Grind, this one sided 12" with a marvelously etched b-side adorned with the band's logo is set to drop Friday February 24th, 2023. Each record comes in a full color jacket featuring the intricate artwork of Alexander Heir (Death Traitors, L.O.T.I.O.N.) and is available on limited translucent purple vinyl (out of 200 copies) and yellow vinyl (out of 300 copies) along with the standard black vinyl variant. Also available on CD in Japan from Break the Records!


Heaven's Gate | Heaven's Gate | Beach Impediment Records (bandcamp.com)




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New Exhibition full length The Last Laugh up for preorder from Triple B:




Saw them opening for Gulch last year and they were really tight, expecting this to be a good one.


EDIT: Looking at the songs it's really more a compilation of songs from all of their previous releases plus a few new ones than a new full length. I'll take it though.

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17 hours ago, hallowken78 said:

New Jesus Piece "...So Uknown" out 4/14

I like how they were aiming for the most disgusting artwork possible. Must have been tough race to come up with this horrible one. Big up to the artist 😂

I just hope it's just not Rich Balling and reading me like this again... 

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