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Hardcore / Punk Releases & Pre-Orders Thread

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11 hours ago, ParallelofDeath said:

... aaaaand one more from Flatspot - PO live for Buggin' Concrete Cowboys:




Revolver/ BV variant is also live and out of /105, but man is it ugly. I went with the splatter.



Good stuff. 

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2 hours ago, Letskissthesky10 said:

Triple B Insta says po’s are live at 11 A.M. EST today. 


SPY - Satisfaction (Pre-Order) – Triple B Records

Pressing Info: 

Test Press (out of 17)

Gold inside Ultra Clear w/Maroon Splatter (out of 250) *BBB Exclusive*

Bone with Maroon & Black Twist (out of 250) *To Live A Lie Exclusive*

Ultra Clear w/Maroon, Gold, & Silver Splatter (out of 250) *Revolver Exclusive*

Half Maroon / Half Beer with Gold Splatter (out of 250) *Northern Scene Exclusive*

Bone / Black A Side B Side w/Maroon Splatter (out of 250) *Evil Greed Exclusive*

Canary Yellow (out of 300) *Rev Exclusive*

Clear Beer / Black Galaxy (out of 500) *Band Exclusive*

Maroon / Gold / Silver 3 Color Smash (out of 450) *BBB #2*

Bone w/Maroon Splatter (out of 500) *General Retail*

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New Geld assume this will also be available on Iron lung at some point.


"If you’ve ever wondered what Catharsis covering The 13th Floor Elevators might sound like, wonder no longer—and that’s only the start!" - Decibel Magazine


Edit: looks like Relapse is putting this out

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No photo description available.


Good morning! We are a week late in our promise of an announcement, but…here it is! Available for preorder immediately, we have a reissue of Guilt’s 1995 classic album “Bardstown Ugly Box”

This groundbreaking record has been painstakingly remixed and remastered to preserve the initial artistic direction while also working to capture the energy of Guilt’s live shows. We are also happy to present two previously unavailable tracks that are included as a bonus 7”, keeping the initial track listing on the LP intact (for the purists out there). Guilt will be reuniting for a live show on 5/13 to celebrate the release of this 2023 redux in Louisville as well!

The vinyl is limited to 200 copies and you can reserve a copy today! 

Guilt | Bardstown Ugly Box (mindovermatterrecords.com)

Bardstown Ugly Box | Guilt | Mind Over Matter Records (bandcamp.com)


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Knocked Loose’s Coachella livestream was fantastic. So many people expected the typical “yeah it’s Coachella no one will care” theme to happen and they proved everyone wrong. Bryan got both listeners and non-listeners to stage dive, mosh, circle pit and sing along. Anyone who’s in a band needs to take a lesson from that performance. That is proper crowd control, showmanship, and how you make people who’ve never heard of the genre care about hardcore. They couldn’t have done a better job 

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New Anklebiter 7" up for PO, new song is hard and fast, I like it:




BV also has a pink variant /100:



Patient Zero blue/ black /100:



Revelation yellow /100:



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Twitching Tongues are back. Sleep Therapy has been remastered: 



200 - Glow In The Dark (SOLD OUT)

300 - Red Gold & White Mix

500 - White/Silver Mix & Black/Silver Mix with Splatter


I also will put money on Twitching Tongues are playing Sound and Fury this summer (lineup announces on Friday) and they will tour with Harms Way (Colin and Bo keep saying there's a Hard Lore tour this summer)

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