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PO Now: Misery Signals - Ultraviolet

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13 minutes ago, se7enstitches said:

i meant for US distros. do you know by chance who does this for them stateside?

ah sorry, i can only guess too for now. since they always sell their stuff thru merchnow, and the vinyl copy of Absent Light is still available there, might be worthwhile to keep our eyes over here >> https://miserysignals.merchnow.com/

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Posted (edited)

Hmm I’m kind of underwhelmed by the song, though I don’t think it was bad by any means. It just didn’t grab me like the untouchable first three albums, though I’m very sure the album as a whole will slap because that lineup can do no wrong. 

also I think that a remix/remaster of Mirrors would be amazing and would buy that in a heartbeat. 

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32 minutes ago, 2notepockets said:

Secured that Basick version gonna cost me about $15 less than merch now, and that purple looks cool af.

There was no option to select black or splatter.


Can we have a repress of ...Magnum Heart now please

It’s a drop down menu when you click on the vinyl 

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40 minutes ago, INRIhab said:

I emailed them, and told them their drop menu wasn't working on my phone and if the splatter was available to change my order to that. They gladly did it... Then I told my friend to email them...... I guess they changed the site lol. 

you did not ask them about the numbers ? Would have been nice to know :) 

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