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5 hours ago, timsimmons said:

In case anyone is interested, it’s been confirmed that Mofi has had digital steps in records labeled “Original Master Recording” including their One Steps.

I believe you, but can you link where this news broke and stuff so I can read up? Or do I need to venture into Hoffman's boards lol

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45 minutes ago, N8TRU said:

This was actually very interesting.

Obviously this guy is going to talk up their own processes. I'm anxious to see how, if at all they, change the banner or if there is any sort of legal blowback on this.

They claim in the article to have used this DSD process on Tony Bennett - I Left My Heart In San Francisco, but that album does have the Original Master Recording banner on it...

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I also don’t want to get involved over at SHF, but I think it’s an important thing for those who care. I only care that it’s not disclosed and language that is anywhere from vague to purposely misleading is and has been used. I want it to sound great. I don’t care if it’s digital, but I would like them to honestly disclose their source.

Some of us that pay attention and seek out info have understood that digital has been used to cut most vinyl since the 90’s and a lot was cut from digital in the 80’s too due to final mastering to DAT being a standard in the industry.

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