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PO: State Champs "Unplugged"

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Out August 14, 2020 http://smarturl.it/Statechampsny


300 - PN 1 - Aqua Blue & Bone Aside / Bside with Heavy White & Easter Yellow Splatter
500 - PN 2 - Aqua Blue & Bone Moon Phase
500 - US Indie Retail - Sea Blue in Milky Clear w/ Heavy Aqua Splatter
500 - UK - Sea Blue w/ Bone & Easter Yellow Twist
500 - EU - Half Milky Clear / Half Aqua Blue
1700 - Various - Clear w/ Heavy Cyan Blue, Black and Easter Yellow Splatter

Track List:
1. A Thousand Hearts
2. The Recipe
3. 10 AM
4. Crying Out Loud
5. Criminal (Acoustic)
6. Dead & Gone (Acoustic)

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2 hours ago, elevatxd said:

I variant collect for them and have gotten every drop. Just can't find the "500 - EU - Half Milky Clear / Half Aqua Blue". Any word on where that's going to drop/being sold?


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On 6/22/2020 at 5:05 PM, IanRees said:

So glad I waited to order a copy of the record, that lunchbox and koozie were calling my name and I had to pick it up. Really loving the new track "Crying Out Loud". Can't wait for this record to come out!

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On 6/25/2020 at 5:21 AM, Wasda Deelwifkramer said:

Were you able to the indie exclusive? My record store hasn't seen anything about it yet.





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