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2 hours ago, Jesus Of Suburbia said:

It was up for a moment here but appears to have been an error and was taken down. Looked like a white and black swirl vinyl.



Can you please post your social security number and bank routing information? For creditably purposes obviously. 

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1 hour ago, illkeepyouinmind said:

So excited that this album is getting pressed on vinyl. I know a lot of people didn't like the direction blink went with on this record, but personally I think it was some of their best more recent work.

I agree. I think that this tops anything Tom did post-Untitled.

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31 minutes ago, hookups96 said:

If that was eastern I’d be alright. But I’ve got a zoom CC 930-12 tomorrow morning. Guess I will pretend my kid walked in at. 1120 and then the camera off for a minute. 

Random mute/ camera off suddenly. When you get back, if anyone asks, just let them know they "don't wanna know!"

Also, my wife is probably about to start going into labor, so I'll be having her "hee-hee-hee hold it...hold it..." while I'm ordering one 😂

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