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Speaker wiring help. AT LP120 - Schiit Magni - Rokit 6s.

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Let me preface this by saying I have about a third grade level of understanding of audio connections. If someone seems wrong, it probably is, and I'm totally unaware. That being said, I'm having a bear of a time trying to upgrade my set up. 


For the longest time I've been running my AT LP120USB straight into Rokit 6s. The current way I have it wired is a little odd, but works. I'll get into that in a moment. I was looking to incorporate a volume control, and the Magni comes highly recommended. 


The way I've been using my set up is a bit odd. Utilizing the LP120's preamp. Red RCA from the 120 is plugged into the red female RCA to 3.5mm, and that's plugged into the unbalanced RCA 3.5 jack on my right rokit 6. 


The white RCA from the 120 is where things get quirky. White RCA from 120 is plugged into the red female RCA to 3.5mm, and that's plugged into the unbalanced RCA 3.5 jack on my left rokit 6. If I plug the white RCA from the 120 into the white female RCA split to 3.5, it won't work. 


I'm aware that set up is probably wrong and all kinds of backwards, but it's been working phenomenally for me. 


Been spending the past hour or so trying to incorporate the Magni into the loop. I can't seem to get it work, regardless of configuration. Hi/lo, line/phono on the 120, etc. Was hoping to follow the magni's user's manual and run the LP120 into the Magni, and then have a L and R RCA run to each speaker via a 3.5 jack. 


Maybe I'm doing something wrong, or misusing the unbalanced port. But I come here looking for some help. I don't really want to buy new speakers, as these work fine for my needs. Hopefully someone can help me figure out what I may need to do to get this Magni working as a volume control. 


Just for reference, here's a shot of the back of my rokit: 



Any help/advice/input is more than welcome! Thank you!

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