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PO - Sufjan Stevens - The Ascension LP

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16 minutes ago, AlexH. said:

Glenn Branca is so fucking cool. Would love to hear Suf integrate some no wave into his sound.


Branca is/was an inspiration to me.....I dunno if you checked out The Third Ascension that came out last year (recorded just before he died) but it is FANTASTIC and absolutely deserving of its place in the "Ascension" series

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On principle I’ll never listen to a single if it’s the closing track on an upcoming album.  That being said, based on above comments, I wouldn’t be surprised if the track acted as a breather or comedown from the rest of the record.


I wouldn’t call myself a Sufjan stan but he’s consistently proven that each 5-year album is worth the wait in spades.  I’m not too worried.

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41 minutes ago, JRHews said:

I ordered the bullmoose single and clear almost instantly and have not gotten a cancel email so I assume I'm safe?



i wouldn't assume you are safe. from what i have read, you are still at risk of contracting Covid even if you ordered from bullmoose right away.

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2 hours ago, museummouth said:

Anyone else a bit underwhelmed by the song? When I heard 12 minute closer I just thought something more epic and grand. 

Would’ve liked it better as a 4-5 minute track. 

Yeah it sounds like it's trying to be more epic than it is. Kind of boring and repetitive imo


On 7/4/2020 at 10:52 PM, Oblivions said:

I like my slow Sufjan to be over sparse or lush acoustic guitars. I am tentatively waiting for more samples from this album before I let myself get excited.

Same. This sounds more like Age of Adz... which is cool, but... I too was hoping for something closer to Carrie & Lowell / Illinois / Seven Swans

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