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Underoath - Three Represses (Chasing Safety, Define the Great Line, Lost in the Sound)

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Proofing TOCS and it sounds pretty good, definitely more treble than my Rebirth copy, but I can't decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Wish I still had my 2012 copy to compare. I did notice something that I can't believe I haven't seen anybody talking about: The tracklisting is split 5/5 on this pressing, rather than 6/4 on the others or 6/5 on the OP. Dangerous Business finally gets out from the curse of IGD and gets room to breathe at the top of side B. Definitely an improvement in my book.

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Look, I get it. At earlier points in my life, especially when I was a broke teen, paying for entertainment was annoying and, at the time in my opinion, not fair. Yet as I’ve grown up, and even more so

Either have a kid or read the last page you lazy piece of shit.

I got shipping confirmation, with tracking number!

And by the time I got the email, it was out for delivery within 2 hours.

So... Ill take that as a win? All things considered?


Not sure if was mentioned in this thread at all, but the box itself is kinda shiet quality. Its as if they originally were going to screenprint direct on the cardstock but had to bail on that plan.. and just laserjet printed an image on a piece of paper and like adhered it to the cardboard, and poorly at that.
Speaking of paper, the innersleeves all came pre torn from the factory and are literally paper thin.


Records were all in there though, and I suppose that's the important part.

Everything sounds "good not great" as I would have expected,  given the original master.

Overall I think its an alright value, considering the relatively low asking price.

Thought this is clearly no definitive edition collectors item type set. 


(oh also, even though TOCS is not as artful a masterpiece as DTGL for example, the album still RIPS and is a total banger. Haters gana hate)


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3 hours ago, birdturbo said:

Has anyone with a badly warped record tried reaching out for a replacement? I can practically eat soup out of my copy of LITSOS.

I haven't, but I emailed Randy about the scratch on mine and he's sending a replacement. If it's affecting playback I don't think they'll hesitate to send you another one.

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I was hopeful when the guy a couple pages back said he got his in Melbourne Australia about 3 weeks ago - but no sign (or shipping confirmation) of my order.  I do wonder if they are least storing tracking numbers in the background so we can at least determine at some point if your order is lost in transit, or just not yet shipped.

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6 hours ago, bloodycape said:

 I do wonder if they are least storing tracking numbers in the background so we can at least determine at some point if your order is lost in transit, or just not yet shipped.

This. My mail has been messed up for ~1 year now because people keep breaking into our mail boxes (it got fixed last week and then broken 3 days later). I've gone to USPS multiple times knowing 3+ records are there, they bring out one, and I have to kindly go "noppppe.... here's the two other tracking numbers that prove you have it"

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12 hours ago, thenameisluigi said:

I emailed them asking about that since my tracking shows complete since September. They didn't address the tracking but said the fulfillment center is still waiting on the next batch of records from Gold Rush to start shipping out more. 🤷‍♂️

great news.... NOT :)

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