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PO Now - Greg Puciato - Child Soldier: Creator of God

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Revolver edition on white vinyl,  limited to 500 with a bonus 7” and a slipcase for a copy of the magazine, to which you get a subscription.

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I boight a US /1000 version before I realised there was a UK one and tried to cancel the US one, but they won't let me. They responded thusly:


"These have already been manufactured and are about to ship later this month. Since this was a pre-order, we are unable to cancel orders this late in the process. Sorry and thank you for understanding. 


Seems odd as it's sold out. Surely there's an easy demand for it? It is a superba album afterall...

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On 9/4/2020 at 4:45 PM, Guest xtrmnt said:

UK/EUR variant of 1000 (and also a CD): https://gregpuciato.tmstor.es

AUS variant of 500 (and also a CD): https://www.nervegas.com.au/GregPuciato

This and the new Brutus live album are Euro exclusive CDs. As a mostly CD collector now I certainly hope this isn’t a trend!

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25 minutes ago, daegor said:

It's probably just a logistical thing, Federal Prisoner is a small operation.  They probably aren't at a capacity to deal with changes like that.

Ok, that's fairer, I guess. It's no burden for me having an extra version. Just seems a waste, when someone else could buy it.

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Note from Bandcamp I got a while back:

Child Soldier: Creator of God has shipped from our manufacturer to our fulfillment partner in the US. These will start to ship out to you in the next few weeks! If you haven’t received yours by the middle of November, please reach out for shipping information. At this time, I don’t have any shipping information to provide and won’t until these start shipping out to you! -Steve

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29 minutes ago, panasonicyouth said:

Anyone else receive the wrong version? Ordered the clear /500 and received black /1000.

Yuppp happened to me as well. Emailed them via Bandcamp yesterday but haven't heard back test. Seemed to have happened to a few people in the DEP Facebook group too, I'm not terribly thrilled about it. 

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