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PO NOW: Taylor Swift - Folklore 2xLP

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14 minutes ago, jhulud said:

Now that #5 is available...I wonder if I should cancel my original order and re-order all 8 in one shot or just leave be and order #5 by itself now?


What'd y'all think?


I'm going to order #5 by itself and e-mail to see if they will combine/refund the shipping... to which I will likely never get a response.

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1 minute ago, tape said:

if you think that's going to stop Swifties from complaining...


Well...let's be real...of the overall Swifties community...how many are really going to be audiophiles? Most likely just us dorks here in VC in this thread. Most fans out there will buy vinyl sure, but will they listen?...Nah...they'll just have it on their shelf or framed up. 



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35 minutes ago, JohnMatrix said:

Says 16 weeks


11 minutes ago, veggiecorecords said:

ships in 16 weeks

Was that just added? I swear I read that page up and down multiple times and didn't see it, and now I see it blatantly there. Maybe I'll just blame not having had any coffee yet.

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