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Saosin - Translating The Name

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1 minute ago, Justinadamk said:

Been on the site since 10 min before the hour. Silver was never available individually that I saw, only with the clothing bundle. (even though its listed in the individual listing as it's own item, it was always sold out)

I don't believe it was, had to be just the bundles. I had been refreshing the store for awhile before it went live, and there's no way silver was ever available on it's own. 

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2 minutes ago, xthricex said:

Had teal ready to press complete purchase and couldn’t do it out of principal. I love these songs and I was stoked that it got repressed but at that price I’m happy not owning it.

Yeah but imagine being one of the 2 dipshits who paid $270+ for a teal on Discogs.

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1 hour ago, Sad Heart said:

Thanks a million, bud, but I should’ve clarified that’s what I got when I tried to check out (and apparently the one in my cart didn’t actually exist/was sold out).

Major bummer but it’s a huge relief to know I’ll get another chance someday. 

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2 hours ago, Justinadamk said:

I feel like a complete dipshit - but at least I could take this photo 2 weeks ahead of most 😕 

Glad to see you have my screen printed TSOAF. I’m curious how much those things are worth now in the secondary market. I’ve never see any on eBay. 

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