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Saosin - Translating The Name

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Still no update on the Translating The Name pressing?  That's the album that all started it all over 10 years ago, hope they'd hurry up with this.  To people in SoCal, they just announced another show with Anthony at the Observatory Mon, Jan 19th. Tix go on sale tomorrow, I'm definitely going and I'll be screaming like a little girl the whole time.

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7 hours ago, Friendly1 said:

One of the Saosin dudes recently did a Q&A on instragram saying this will be pressed soon with “Mookie” sung by Anthony as well as a couple other songs. 


No concrete date yet but figured I’d add to the useless bump^

Probably mookie, I can tell, and I’ve become what I’ve always hated. Anthony versions I bet. 

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21 hours ago, andrewlucas said:

We don’t need Translating the Name, we need the B2C singles on vinyl. 


All i I saw was eyes and teeth. 

I would buy it, but it will never happen. They always just smile and move on to another subject when people mention those songs.


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Story time.

Back in the early 2000s I was a manager of several indie movie theaters in the Philly suburb area. I randomly came across Translating The Name  in 2004 and was floored. Played it on repeat all the time and got a fellow co-worker hooked on it too. In 2005 I saw that Saosin was playing at the Trocadero, a fairly small music venue in Philly. At this point I knew the band had a new singer, so I didn't expect the same vocal style, but I was still stoked to see the band live. I went with the same co-worker mentioned above. The set was pretty decent, but lacked the same vocal presence that the former singer Anthony could bring.

After Saosin played my co-worker and I went to the upper part of the venue to grab a beer. He lit up a cigarette and we stood there chatting. A minute later some kid walks up to us and asks for a light from my friend. He hands over the lighter, the two look at each other, and the interaction went as such...

Kid: "Brian?"
Co-worker: "Oh hey... Anthony!"
Co-worker (to me): "Do you remember Mike Green who used to work at the theater in Doylestown? This is his little brother Anthony."
Me: "Oh, yeah. Hey man, nice to meet you" (shakes hands)

At this point the two of them continued chatting and I stood there for a solid 2 minutes repeating in my head... "Anthony. Anthony. Anthony Green. Anthony Green? ANTHONY FUCKING GREEN!"
Brian: "Uhhh, so what?"
Me to Brian: "Dude, this is Anthony Green, formerly of SAOSIN and now Circa Survive. We've played Translating The Name non-stop. That's his fucking voice!"

Brian: "Oh shit."

The three of us chatted for a good hour about his brother, his time in Saosin, and new band Circa Survive. Turns out Anthony grew up in the same town as us and we knew his older brother without even realizing it. Over the years we would grab drinks with Anthony here and there in town and he often hooked us up with the Circa Survive show guest list or photo passes. I miss those days.



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