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Is Dead Format coming back?


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28 minutes ago, Bronchitis said:

Mine is loading everything from back in the day. I don’t buy nearly as many records these days but god damn it would be time consuming trying to update everything 5/6 years later.


Yeah, my DF list definitely won't be as organized as it once was. Assuming the formatting is the same as it used to be, it'll likely end up just being some form of a  copy/paste of my Discogs export. 

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On 1/18/2022 at 12:07 AM, somethingvinyl said:

Pretty cool to see this. Now I can weep for records I once possessed but have now sold. Still have most of these, though:


Just searched for mine also and holy hell, you're right. Wild to look at where my collection was and titles I had (that I still wish I did) compared to where it is now.

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20 hours ago, diabretic said:

im 100% sure my user name was just "Bret" but i can't find my old tradelist at all

I'm pretty sure, tradelists are not available, yet. Only the collection URLs are working again for the time being. Actually, with the "Haves" and the "Wants" tabs.  Although, the "for sale" icon is active already.

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My collection just shows up empty. Not a loss for me though. Was turned off by DF after I placed an order on their march store. They never fulfilled it or answered any emails. Had to go through PayPal to get my money back. Took like two or three months. I always found Discogs more organized and easy to use anyways. I do admit it'd be neat to see a DF comeback though, and I'm happy for those of you who liked to use it.

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