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PO: Ska Against Racism (Asian Man/Bad Time Comp)

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Asian Man Records and Bad Time Records are putting out a compilation of rare and new music from tons of bands in the scene. The record is available in a 2xLP Gatefold Format on random colored vinyl. 100% of proceeds ($45,000) go to charities that benefit the black community.


It was initially put up for sale today with 1,000 copies and sold out in <2 hours. Tonorrow at 1PM EST/10AM PST they will be adding another 500 copies and then that’s truly it. Check it out if you’re interested.




Track Listing: 
1. Tim Timebomb Ft. Jesse Michaels - Living in a Dangerous Land 02:34 
2. The Chinkees - Run For Help 01:21 
3. JER - Breaking News! Local Punk Denies Existence of Systematic Racism 02:58 
4. The Planet Smashers - The Pledge 02:21 
5. Hepcat - Nigel (Quarantine Version) 02:42 
6. Bite Me Bambi - Carried Away 03:11 
7. The Doped Up Dollies - Racist Friend 04:15 
8. Mu330 - Don't Worry Don't Stress 02:50 
9. Kill Lincoln - David Duke is Running for President 01:18 
10. Less Than Jake - The Sit Around 02:46 
11. Catbite - Asinine Aesthetic 03:25 
12. Buck O' Nine - Cardboard 03:45 
13. Los Kung Fu Monkeys - Enough 02:42 
14. The Interrupters - Broken World (Live) 02:47 
15. The Suicide Machines - City Limitations 02:30 
16. Hey-Smith - Fellowship Anthem 02:21 
17. Five Iron Frenzy - While Supplies Last 03:08 
18. The Best of The Worst - Illusion of Choice 02:15
19. Buster Shuffle - Deadline 03:22 
20. Left Alone - The Darkness 02:25 
21. The Skints - Restless (Heavy Dub Mix) 04:22 
22. We Are The Union - Ordinary Life 03:07 
23. Mustard Plug - Unite and Fight 03:13 
24. Half Past Two - Shine 03:29 
25. Westbound Train - Wash Over Me 03:43 
26. Omnigone - Swallow Poison 02:11 
27. The Porkers - The Good Egg 03:49 
28. Big D and The Kids Table - Try Out Your Voice 2020 03:08


1. The Movement for Black Lives

2. The NAACP Legal Defense Fund
3. The Conscious Kid

4. The Alpha Institute

5. Black Girls Code.




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27 minutes ago, MCDELTAT said:

Back up!


That was weird. In Mobile Safari the usual Limited Run pop up didn’t display so couldn’t check out. Had to switch to Mobile Chrome and didn’t have anything saved there. Still got one though.

Limited Run has been having issues on Safari, on the iPhone and also regular Safari browser on computers. Good to keep in mind for time sensitive purchases—use Chrome or another browser with any shop that uses LR.

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On 9/7/2020 at 10:05 AM, NoFxpunkguy said:

such a good listen from front to back.   glad I was able to grab a copy the 2nd time it was up.  hopefully we get a tour when this covid shits over

A tour for this would be very cool. Been listening to the comp and wow, didn't know a lot of these bands at all until now.

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