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PO Soon: Nothing - The Great Dismal (10/30/2020)

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I said a Nothing collection, not Taylor Swift

15 hours ago, drewberinger said:

obviously I'm that asshole who's been listening to the record since late July (and actually spoke with Nicky about it - more on that soon) but I think it's their best since GoE. the record is incredibly diverse for a Nothing record and doesn't just stay in that shoe gaze lane the entire time. An incredible step up from Dance on the Blacktop (which I really liked) and just above Tired of Tomorrow for me. GoE will always have the nostalgic edge for me but objectively this is right up there if not better. 

Thank you. GoE is easily one of my favourites of recent time, cemented by seeing them play most of it (B&E especially) in a tiny club over here. Each LP since then has been not quite as good, but with some highlights, so fingers crossed to get that love back again.


I met Nicky when he was on the merch stall at another gig, and just chatted and shook his hand. Honestly, I was just so happy to just meet him.

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Tip: these new butterfly or "moonphase" records all kinda look like garbage. It's like you took two little bites out of an actual splatter record and plopped them on a plain one. Really weird choice.


Regarding the album, I hope it's more interesting than the previous one was, it wasn't bad but none of the progressions stuck out much like they did on GoE and ToT. The chord voicings on those two albums paired with consistent wall-of-sound moments really makes those two timeless for me. Hoping this new one can get close to that.

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4 minutes ago, ethereal said:

who even asked for these stupid “butterfly effect” variants? If I never saw another it would be too soon 

Personally, I think it’s pretty slick. A nice change of pace from the old half/half. I am not sure about the half splatter thing though. That shit is lookin funky on some of these records poppin up.

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Holy crap this album takes a huge dump all over Dance.  I think for once we owe Will Yip some credit.


The big, huge, slow moving vibes permeating this sucker is flat out amazing.  That opener was a big surprise.  It’s like a prelude into the “real” first song.  First time through “Blue Mecca” was the one that sealed the deal on this album.  Gotdam that’s top tier Nothing.

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