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Issues with new setup

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Hi All,

Newbie to vinyl, so this might be a very easy fix. I just got into vinyl and got me a Project T1 Phono sb and Edifier s2000 pro as my setup after a few months of saving up. Also bought 30 or so records from my favorite artists, and Ive noticed an issue with some of the records. Some songs on some records (like mac miller's "surf" off of circles, and most songs off of juice wrld's "good bye and good riddance")  have some very high vocal  and string instrument modulation in sections with intense bass frequency, while other albums (like kendrick lamar's "untitled, unmastered") dont seem to have this issue at all. It doesn't seem to be an issue with the mixing of these tracks, as most people have said the mixing on them has been done quite well. Ive cleaned and ran a static brush over all of the albums and have stored them in anti static inner sleeves, so I dont think dust or static is causing any of these issues.  Im wondering if I just got a bad pressing of a few of these albums, they were damaged in shipping, or something that I have completely missed. Any help is really apreciated.

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If I interpreted correctly what you're describing, it could be that the tracking force isn't set properly (too light) and the intense waveforms of heavier low end are microbumping the cartridge up. Check to see if you've set the correct tracking force, maybe re-do that part of the setup process.


Another possibility would be that there is physical interference impacting the whole tonearm/cart combination if you've got the table placed on the same surface as the speakers. Make sure to place the turntable on a surface that gets no (or as minimal as possible) vibrations from anything, be it those produced by the speakers or just the vibrations transferred from the floor when you walk or do anything really.


It's also possible that there's a buildup of dust/particles on the tip of the actual needle that prevents it from dipping completely into the groove, but you'd have to play records for a while in a very dusty environment for that to happen. And it would be noticeable on all records, not just some.

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