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Spiritbox Thread: PO Now Eternal Blue

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19 minutes ago, rcafilm said:

Geeze, I pre-ordered this from Amazon because I wasn't trying to do any variant hunting... just before release day they pushed it back to October 1st, now it's pushed to the 22nd. Is it just the retail variant that's delayed, are other people getting their copies? I'd rather not wait over a month for this if I can spend a few more bucks to get a decent-sounding variant that's actually in stock.

The bands webstore copies are apparently shipping this week. I ended up grabbing the indie release variant from my local zia records a few days ago. There was one indie exclusive that  dropped on 9/17. Might want to check your local indie stores! 

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I ordered mine from MerchNow and it has not shipped yet. 
No word from them about any sort of delay either, and others have received copies of the same variant. 😪

(Edit)  Talked w/ Merchnow support.
They basically said they got like one or two boxes shipped to them early, but are waiting on the majority of the vinyl still. Expect it by end of the next month.

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1 minute ago, Wasda Deelwifkramer said:

Magenta is limited to 1013

Blue/Black Smash is limited to 1059


(acorrding to their merch site) 



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6 minutes ago, Wasda Deelwifkramer said:

I appreciate this but $40... sheesh. 


Scratch that. That must not be US site with the international shipping

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