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Dark Mark (Mark Lanegan) Does Christmas 2020

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Do I need this on vinyl? I guess I'm asking that about a lot of new releases these days. Will buy in some format. I'm a sucker for Xmas music.

White vinyl


Five tracks were released as a tour only 12" in 2012 which is now rare and impossible to find. He has recorded five more tracks recently and turned it into a full length album. Lanegan successfully takes some traditional Christmas songs, some Christmas covers plus some originals and twists them into a dark, melancholic affair. Standouts include Burn The Flames, originally recorded by Roky Erickson and Lanegan makes this sinister song, even more sinister. The Everley Brothers Christmas Eve Can Kill You is stripped back and haunting whilst the Lanegan original A Christmas Song is delicate and heartbreaking. 2020 is going be a dark Christmas.




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6 hours ago, Mr Mojo said:

I'm so hugely disappointed in his last two albums, so I promised myself I would never buy any of his albums again.


The albums before that I love.

I also got both of his last two. Previous one I wasn't that into. Latest I haven't even gotten around to even opening. I need to crack it and spin.

I wonder if this Xmas album is only going to be available through RT. Haven't seen it anywhere else.

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I swore that I would never buy a Mark Lanegan album again, so I'm pretty sure that it won't count that he is on the upcoming Cult of Luna album that I just pre-ordered:


"We have been a fan of Mark Lanegan for many years. So in 2005 when we wrote the song “And with her came the birds” we had his voice in mind and the working title was “The Lanegan song”. But we were not many years over 20 and our lack of self-confidence prevented us from even daring to ask. It took fifteen years for us to get the guts to ask him. Hearing his voice on “Inside of a dream” is nothing more than feeling that we’re inside of a dream.
/Johannes Persson (Cult of Luna)"


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