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PO: The Decemberists - Live Home Library Vol. I (The Hazards of Love)

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Vinyl live version of what is, I feel confident saying, their least popular album.  Limited bone-colored webstore exclusive available below. 


I grabbed it because it's personally my favorite Decemberists album, though I recognize that is not a widely held opinion and I can't imagine this sells all that well, especially since it's literally just The Hazards of Love.  Might have been better to include at least some of the second set/encore (or at least "Crazy on You").



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Guess I'm a weirdo. I love this album the most. The concept is fun, the vocals (from the two women) are fantastic, and I saw them play it on Sept. 26, 2009 at my first Decemberists show with my (now) wife. Kind of a big deal. 

Agree that Crazy On You would have been a fun D-side over etching, but w/e. 

I also grabbed a tee, and dropped $70 unexpectedly, on a Thursday.


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I first saw The Decemberists do the Hazards Of Love songs live with Shara Worden at Lollapalooza 2009 and was blown away.

I had to experience it again.

My local show, the Royal Oak Theatre gig on August 11th (this recording) was already sold out so I ended up going back to Chicago to catch them on October 8th of 2009.

Yeah, I'll be grabbing this.

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I have never understood why The Hazards of Love doesn’t get more attention with regard to their back catalog. I saw this tour in Indianapolis and still feel it is one of my top 3 favorite shows of all time. Also probably my favorite Decemberists album due to seeing it live. Instant purchase for me. 

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I didn’t want to create a new thread, but thought there might be some here that would be interested in this:

Available on vinyl for the first time, Colin Meloy 's collected EPs covering Morrissey, Shirley Collins, Sam Cooke, and The Kinks. 

SIDE A - Colin Meloy Sings Morrissey

1 I Know Very Well How I Got My Name
2 Pregnant for the Last Time  
3 Jack the Ripper  
4 I've Changed My Plea to Guilty  
5 Sister I'm a Poet
6 Everyday Is Like Sunday  

SIDE B - Colin Meloy Sings Shirley Collins 

1 Dance to Your Daddy
2 Charlie
3 Barbara Allen
4 Cherry Tree Carol
5 Turpin Hero
6 I Drew My Ship

SIDE C - Colin Meloy Sings Sam Cooke 

1 Cupid
2 Summertime
3 That's Where It's At
4 Good Times
5 Bring It on Home to Me

SIDE D - Colin Meloy Sings The Kinks 

1 Waterloo Sunset
2 Harry Rag
3 The Way Love Used To Be
4 Do You Remember Walter?  
5 Days


The Decemberists store exclusive on sea glass limited to 1500 is sold out, but an email that went out today said that an indie exclusive in black limited to 500 would be available on 6/27.

Link to the sold out version in the store:




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