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FS: Kevin Devine collection, Coheed box set, 3EB, MO, Portugal, Dear Hunter, IIOI, Circa, Harvard, Recover


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So, I had sold a few things here and elsewhere toward the beginning of the year and then when the whole COVID thing started, I slowed down a lot so I didn’t have to go to the post office. Now I’m finally getting back around to re-listing this stuff.

If you message me, please include where you’re from so I know what shipping will be and please include an offer. If you ask how much I’ll likely just give you what I would/have listed it for elsewhere minus a bit for saving on fees.


If I don’t answer your messages here or you just want to get straight to me, feel free to email me.

[email protected]


Kevin Devine Collection:

Between the Conrete & Clouds – black

Brother’s Blood – orange/red swirl – dunno if I want to sell but figured I’d put it if anyone wants to offer

Bubblegum – Clear Kickstarted variant

Circle Gets the Square – Maroon w/ some smoke

Make the Clocks Move – clear brown
Put Your Ghost to Rest – tri-color + orange w/ splatter (2016)


I also have a signed copy of Bulldozer I got when I met him at a show back in 2014 but that would be a lot harder to get rid of. I thought I had some 7”s but I can’t seem to find them.


Other Stuff:


Asking Alexandria – Stand Up & Scream – black OG

Casey CrescenzoAmour & Attrition – 2xLP black

Circa SurviveThe Amulet – black

Coheed & CambriaThe Afterman box set – silver/gold, comes with everything except the signed picks (Idk what happened to those)

The Dear HunterMigrant – yellow

Harvard (HRVRD) – The Inevitable & I – seafoam w/ splatter

Into It. Over It.Twelve Towns – clear red, signed

A Lot Like Birds – No Place – Dark red OG

Manchester Orchestra/Grouplove/Freightened Rabbit – RSD 2012 collab

The Matches – E. Von Dahl Killed All the Locals – black + red 2xLP

Portugal, the Man – Censored Colors – purple w/ splatter

RecoverCeci N’est Pas Recover – Blue “Electric Zombie Girl”

Stolas – Living Creatures – black OG with signed poster

Sublime – 40oz to Freedom – orange? Picture disc single LP, no jacket

Third Eye Blind – S/T – black 2xLP 2013



Thanks for perusing. Hope to hear from some of you folks.


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