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to old dudes with 401ks...

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I'll check it now and again if I'm bored, but don't really think about it. I work for a pretty major player (with computers, not on the financial side) in the financial industry with a really good track record so I'm not too worried about it. Wasn't doing as bad as I expected last time I checked, surprisingly.

Some of my mutual funds are getting killed though, haha. Especially stuff like Media & Telecom. I try not to think about it and remember that I won't even be using that money (hopefully) for several years.

I'm trying to save for a honeymoon next year right now and the market is too grim to be stashing it there right now, so I'm just using an online savings account that returns 3.5 or 4%.

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Generally I look at it about once a quarter to see how the funds are progressing, then at the beginning of the new year, I talk with my ad adviser and see if there's any reason to move funds.

I figured this economy was going to be shit this year, so a lot of my shit is with funds with a lot of international holdings.

I'm still pretty damn young and my adviser says I'm putting more than enough away to be fine when I decide I want to retire.

But definitely don't look at this shit every day.

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Put it in a money market account or even a cd. You'll get consistent growth around 5%. Can anyone really say they think are market is primed for a rebound?

Energy prices are bringing everyone's spending ability down. Until we get new technology out there that allows people to spend less money on energy and more money on everything else, the stock market will have marginal increases at best.

That's the way I would play it...

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is your mind being fried by watching it go up and down by huge amounts every day? i think im getting whiplash... freaking economy. ooh! i made a grand! DAMN IT I JUST LOST 2k!

i think im just going to take it all out and invest in pogs.

401K are long term investments, you'll have bad years and good years. Personally I had a great return the last quarter, about 8%. I try to review it yearly and look at where the economy is at and make fund selections based on that. Energy and natural resource funds were poised to do good this year, and they did.

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It's going to be a while before there will be a sustainable turnaround. The housing market will need to stabilize and inflationary pressures are still a burden. As an alternative, CD's and MMF's are obviously a safe bet, but you're not going to get 5%. Moneymarkets are paying around 2%, and you'll be lucky to get 4% on a 1-Yr CD. Moving to cash and trying to time the market can be very difficult, and as many here have mentioned, 401k's are long-term investments and most of us here are relatively young and have the time to wait it out.

For those of you that are interested in doing your own research and spending some time on your accounts, your company may offer a more "self-directed" retirement account. This will allow you to invest in stocks, etf's, etc. instead of the limited mutual fund choices that you normally have in a 401k. This opens the door to invest in short funds, which have an inverse correlation with the corresponding index (goes up when the market goes down!).

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