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Deleted Account?


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Hi! I am new to this site as of a few weeks ago. I created an account and I was logged out. I tried to log back in and it kept telling me the password was incorrect. I then tried to use the forgot password function and the site told me that there was no user with that email address. I created a new account and the same thing happened to me again this morning! 


Does anyone have any experience with this? In both cases I was in the middle of messaging users about purchasing some items. 


I am missing something!!!? I have emailed the "contact us" link with no response. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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What’s been happening is that if anyone registers here and they make one post and don’t participate any longer for a period of time, the account is being deleted. 

We have filter set to curb bot & spam accounts which we get a lot of. 


Your particular account may have been flagged for “inactivity” & thusly deleted. 


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1 hour ago, JayBritton said:

Thanks for the info.  So, will my account be deleted since i am maily just reading threads and messaging with other users, and not posting?

Just... make a little effort and post in a couple threads that interest you. Meet the basic threshold for participation then you can lurk all you want.

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