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The Cure - Wish - Unofficial on red and blue vinyl - NOW: Official 30th Anniversary Edition Remastered 2xLP

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So, I've seen a bootleg of The Cure's "Wish" show up on Ebay, stating it is limited to 200 copies each on red and blue.  The prices on Ebay is pretty steep, so I'm wondering if anyone knows where to buy this directly from a shop.


If so, could you post a link if you know a shop that has this in stock?






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17 minutes ago, niblips said:

I would like to know this as well.. I have recently seen this and Wild Mood Swings have been added to their respective discogs pages.

I'd just be patient. I think both of these will see official represses within a year, maybe 2. I'm waiting on Bloodflowers to get its non-pic fisc pressing.

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I grabbed this so fast when I saw it this morning. Been waiting for this for what feels like an eternity. It weirdly kept going in and out of stock there and the Cure’s website and was kind of a pain in the ass to get. I’ll probably cancel my order if Amazon ever stocks it. I know Rough Trade has some too.

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23 minutes ago, achillesstand7 said:

I saw this this morning but didn’t order because I figured it would be widely available. It should be, right? A 30th anniversary reissue. 

It is up on Amazon UK and Japan already. I'm sure that it'll be on the US site soon. I'm also seeing it pop up at a lot of random UK/Eu shops now. So there is no real reason to think it isn't a big worldwide release. This reminds me of the recent Nick Cave boxset which sold out the first few places that listed it and then it was readily available.

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  • jhulud changed the title to The Cure - Wish - Unofficial on red and blue vinyl - NOW: Official 30th Anniversary Edition Remastered 2xLP
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11 hours ago, jhulud said:

I'm feeling super nostalgic tonight and also beyond emotional after a few beers...and listening to this...the original release for now...and damn, it's hitting me dead in the feels throughout. 


How does the OG LP sound, pressing quality wise?

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If you are in in the US and want it before the end of January you can order the November Euro release from FNAC in France. It is around $40 shipped to the US after they deduct taxes and they ship very well and use DHL so you'll usually have it within a week from shipping. They have never let me down. But you'll need to use google translate or something to order.



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